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Nazir 50

1) [line 3] MES SHE'EIN ALAV K'ZAYIS BASAR - a corpse that does not have a k'Zayis of flesh, e.g. an aborted fetus from an early stage of pregnancy

2a) [line 6] NEFEL - a stillborn
b) [line 6] SHE'LO NISKASHRU EVARAV B'GIDIN - whose limbs have not developed sinews

3a) [line 8] ROV BINYANO - the majority of the *build* of the body, i.e. the majority of the bones that enable a person to stand erect. His entire "build" (the bones that enable him to stand erect) consists of two calf bones, two thigh bones, the ribs and the spinal column; their majority are two calf bones and one thigh bone or two thigh bones and one calf bone. (Gemara below 51b, RAMBAM Hilchos Tum'as Mes 2:8).
b) [line 9] ROV MINYANO - the majority of the *number* (Rov Minyano) of his 248 bones

4) [line 10] NETZEL - see next two entries
5) [line 11] BESAR MES SHE'KARASH - the flesh of a corpse that has [dissolved to a putrid liquid and then] coagulated

6) [line 11] MOHAL SHE'HIRTI'ACH - a secretion [from a corpse] that boiled [when heated over a fire to determine if it was dissolved flesh or another secretion that is not Metamei, such as Kicho v'Ni'o (see next entry)]

7) [line 15] KICHO V'NI'O - his phlegm and mucus (RASHI to Nidah 55b). (a) Kicho is brought up as a result of a coughing sickness [O.F. tos - cough] (RASHI to Eruvin 99a); (b) one is brought up from the chest with force and the other does not need as much force to bring it into the throat (TOSFOS Nidah 55b)

(a) A Neveilah is a carcass of an animal that died without a Halachic slaughtering. A k'Zayis or more of a Neveilah makes an object Tamei through Maga (contact) and Masa (carrying). At the time that a person is carrying a Neveilah, any clothing or utensils (besides earthenware utensils) that he is touching become Tamei as if the Neveilah itself had touched the clothing or utensil.
(b) If a person becomes Tamei by touching a Neveilah he can immediately immerse in a Mikvah. He becomes Tahor at nightfall and may then eat Terumah or Kodshim.
(c) Abaye asks whether the Netzel (the flesh of an animal that has dissolved to a putrid liquid and then coagulated) of an animal is considered like its flesh and is Metamei through Tuma's Neveilah or not.

9a) [line 19] TUM'AH CHAMURAH - the severe form of Tum'ah (a) i.e. Tum'ah that can be Metamei people and utensils, such as Tum'as Neveilah (RASHI to Chulin 71a, TOSFOS here and to Bechoros 23a); (b) i.e. Tum'as Masa (Tum'ah that is spread through carrying the object that is Tamei) (RASHI to Bechoros 23a)
b) [line 20] AD L'GER - [loses its ability to Metamei once it has decayed] to [the point that it is no longer fit to be eaten by] a Ger Toshav (a Nochri who has accepted upon himself the seven laws of a Ben Noach).

10a) [line 20] V'TUM'AH KALAH - the less severe form of Tum'ah (a) i.e. Tum'ah that can be Metamei only foods and drinks (RASHI to Chulin 71a, TOSFOS here and to Bechoros 23a); (b) i.e. Tum'as Maga (Tum'ah that is spread [only] through touching the object that is Tamei) (RASHI to Bechoros 23a)
b) [line 20] AD L'KELEV - [loses its ability to Metamei once it has decayed] to [the point that it is no longer fit to be eaten by even] a dog

11) [line 22] HIMCHUHU B'UR - if he melted it [the fat of a Nivlas Of Tahor (a Kosher bird that died without Shechitah -- see next entry)] over a fire

12) [line 22] TAMEI (NIVLAS OF TAHOR)
(a) Normally, items that are Tamei spread Tum'ah through touching them or carrying them ('Maga' or 'Masa'). The only object that is Metamei mid'Oraisa *while being eaten* is Nivlas Of Tahor. Nivlas Of Tahor is a kosher bird that died or was killed without Shechitah. (This includes a bird that is unfit to be brought as a Korban upon which Melikah -- see Background to Nazir 29:8 -- was performed.) It is *only* Metamei while in the Beis ha'Beli'ah (throat), during the process of being swallowed.
(b) A Nivlas Of Tahor is Metamei the person eating it, as well as any clothes or utensils that he is touching at the time that it is in his throat, giving them the status of "Rishon l'Tum'ah." (Once it is swallowed, the person remains Tamei, but is only Metamei food and drinks, i.e. he is a Rishon l'Tum'ah).

13) [line 23] BA'CHAMAH - in the [heat of the] sun
14) [line 24] BASAR D'ASRUCH BA'CHAMAH - after it has spoiled in the sun
15) [line 25] NITZOK - a column of liquid this is being poured from one utensil to another

16) [last line] DEVASH HA'ZIFIM - very thick honey (a) that dishonest people (*Mezaifin*) mix with water since the water is not noticeable; or (b) that comes from *Zif*, a territory in the land of Yehudah (GEMARA Sotah 48b, cited by TOSFOS and the ROSH); (c) made by a type of hornet known as *Zipin* (ARUCH)

17) [last line] TZAPICHIS - (a) (O.F. bresches) honeycomb (TOSFOS); (b) a doughy cake made from flour fried in honey (ARUCH)


18) [line 1] MIKPAH - a porridge
19) [line 1] POL - whole beans
20) [line 2] SOLEDES - the porridge that is being poured shrinks back into the pot from which it is being poured

21) [line 4] RIREI - strands of a sticky substance
22) [line 5] SEMICHIN - viscous
23) [line 6] CHELEV HA'MES - the fat of a dead person
24) [line 7] V'HITICHO - and he melted it
25) [line 7] MEFURAD - separated, i.e. in flakes or pieces
26) [line 10] TARGIMNA - explained it

27a) [line 11] KEGON DEB'HADEI D'MARTACH LEI - such as, while he was heating it
b) [line 11] SALIK AMUDA D'NURA L'FUMEI D'MANA, V'KARASH - (a) a *tongue of fire* (Amuda d'Nura) flared up to the top of the pot, and the a k'Zayis of Chelev congealed; (b) According to the Girsa SALIK AMUDA L'FUMEI D'MANA (without the word "d'Nura") - a k'Zayis of Chelev accumulated and rose as a *column* (Amuda) to the top of the pot and congealed (TOSFOS)

28) [line 17] MELO FISAS HA'YAD - an amount that fills the palm of the hand
29) [line 18] MELO CHOFNAV - a double handful, where both hands are placed together and filled

30) [line 19] ME'IKAR ETZBA'OS UL'MA'ALAH - from the base of the fingers and up, i.e. an amount that fills the space of the fingers

31) [line 22] MELO KISHREI ETZBE'OSAV - an amount that fills the space of the fingers

32a) [line 25] L'ROSH - to the tip (i.e. tips) [of the fingers] (the singular happens to be used instead of the plural, as in the next entry)
b) [last line] L'MATAH MI'DIDEI - beneath it (i.e. them), that is, from the base of the fingers and up *towards the body* (which is exactly an amount that fills the palm of the hand)

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