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Nazir 46

NAZIR 46 - Dedicated by David and Jonas Waizer, l'Zecher Nishmas Reb Eliezer ("Leizer") ben Zvi ha'Cohen Waizer (Canarsie, N.Y.).

1) [line 10] GZ"S (GEZEIRAH SHAVAH)
(a) In the Introduction to the Sifra (the Halachic Midrash to Vayikra), Rebbi Yishmael lists thirteen methods that Chazal use for extracting the Halachah from the verses of the Torah. One of them is Gezeirah Shavah, which is a Halachic device by which two similar words in the Torah from different subjects teach that laws from one subject apply to the other.
(b) A sage is only permitted to use the method of Gezeirah Shavah if he received a tradition from his teachers that a Gezeirah Shavah exists between the two words. However, the comparison that he makes regarding *which* laws are applied from one subject to the other may be his own, if he did not learn it directly from his teachers.

2) [line 10] TENUFAH - moving the Zero'a (the two upper limbs of the right foreleg, from the knee until the top of the shoulder blade), one Chalah (unleavened loaf of Matzah) and one Rakik (flat Matzah) back and forth and then up and down

3) [last line] SHEYAREI MITZVAH HI - (lit. Tenufah is one of the dispensable, inessential remnants of a Mitzvah [that does not prevent atonement]) if he did not do Tenufah ("Sheyarei Mitzvah Hi" refers to the Tenufah of the Korbanos of a Metzora -- Yoma 5a)


4) [line 2] KAPAYIM - palms
5) [line 5] NAZIR MEMORAT - a Nazir whose hair has fallen out
6) [line 11] EIN LO BOHEN YAD VA'REGEL - If a cured Metzora is missing his right thumb or big toe (see Background to Nazir 44:10:d)

7) [line 31] SHE'LO LI'SHEMAH
(a) "Lishmah" is one of the Halachos that apply to Korbanos. This Halachah specifies that all of the actions that are performed on the Korban (the "Avodos") must be done with the intent of offering it as the specific type of Korban for which it was designated, and for the sake of the owners who dedicated it. For example, if Reuven brings a Korban Olah, the Kohen must perform the Shechitah for the sake of Reuven's Korban Olah.
(b) Four Avodos of the Korban must be performed Lishmah: Shechitah, Kabalas ha'Dam, Holachah and Zerikas ha'Dam.
(c) In general, all sacrifices in which these Avodos were done she'Lo li'Sheman are Kosher and are offered on the Mizbe'ach, however the owner is still obligated to bring another Korban. A Korban Chatas, and a Korban Pesach brought on Erev Pesach are different; if their four Avodos were not done li'Sheman the Korbanos are Pesulim and cannot be offered on the Mizbe'ach (Zevachim 1:1).

8) [line 36] SHALMEI NEDAVAH - a voluntarily Korban Shelamim brought by a Nazir

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