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Nazir 26

NAZIR 26 -Dedicated l'Zecher Nishmat Benyamin Leib ben Aharon, and Harav Hillel Lieberman HY"D, by a friend of the Kollel.

1) [line 2] RATZA L'HAVI VAHEN CHATAS BEHEMAH, YAVI; OLAS BEHEMAH, YAVI - see Background to Nazir 25:6

2) [line 3] MA'OS SETUMIN - unspecified money; i.e. money that was set aside for the purchase of a set of Korbanos without designating which Korban would be purchased with which part of the money

3) [line 9] YELCHU L'YAM HA'MELACH - "they should go to Yam ha'Melach," i.e. they must be destroyed

4) [line 13] MEFURASHIN HEN - (a) they are considered "designated" money, since the Nazir designated that he would use this money to buy his Korbenos Chatas, Olah and Shelamim, even though he did not separate the money into three sets. The Halachah of designated money applies to them, namely, the *amount that is needed* to purchase a Chatas must be destroyed, etc. (MEFARESH, RAMBAM Hilchos Nazir 9:3-4); (b) they are considered *mixed* designated money (Mefurashin *b'Ta'aroves*), that must be entirely destroyed, since the Nazir did not separate the money into three sets when he specified that the sum would be used for his Chatas, Olah and Shelamim (TOSFOS)


5) [line 12] NASKA - bullion, a long bar of cast silver or gold
6) [line 13] SAVAR SHEL KOROS - a pile of beams (to be used for building)
7) [line 16] SAVRA - same as previous entry

8) [line 18] EIN HA'KININ MISPARSHOS ELA O B'LEKICHAS BE'ALIM IY BA'ASIYAS KOHEN - the Kinim (bird offerings - see Background to Yoma 41:1b and Nazir 25:6) become designated (that one is an Olah and one is a Chatas) either at the time that they are bought by the owner, or at the time that they are offered by the Kohen

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