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Nazir 13

1) [line 2] HAREI ANI NEZIR CHOVAH - I am a Nazir because of my original stipulation

2) [line 8] "LECHESHE'IBANEH" HU D'KA'AMAR - "when I will be built up [with progeny]" is what he meant

3) [line 10] VELAD D'MICHSHAV BEINEI INSHEI - a child who is considered significant by people

It is forbidden to shear or work with an animal that is Kodesh, as is learned from Devarim 15:19. Even if the animal develops a Mum (a blemish that invalidates it), this prohibition remains, as Chazal learn in Bechoros 15a, from the verse in Devarim 12:15.

7a) [line 24] A'DIBUREI MASHMA - do his words have the connotation that they refer to the first person's speech [and imply that he too will become a Nazir when the first person has a son]
b) [line 24] A'GUFEI MASHMA- do his words have the connotation that they refer to himself [and imply that he will become a Nazir when he, himself, has a son]

8) [last line] RECHIMNA LACH KAVASICH - I love you as much as you do [and I will become a Nazir when you have a son]

9) [last line] KOL B'ANPEI - whenever he is in his presence


10) [line 1] KESIFA LEI MILSA - it is embarrassing for him [to stipulate that he will become a Nazir when he, himself, will have a son]

11) [line 4] TIBA'I - the questions remain unanswered (this is the equivalent of "Teiku" in other places in the Gemara)

12) [line 13] KEIVAN D'HALEIN ME'AH, B'ESRIN LO SHALMIN - since this 100-day period of Nezirus will not be completed within twenty days [when he has to start counting a period of Nezirus of thirty days]

13) [line 14] KEIVAN D'IS LEI GIDUL SE'AR LEVA'SOF - since his hair will grow the required amount [of thirty days during the remaining eighty days of the 100-day Nezirus] when he completes the thirty day period of Nezirus

14) [last line] CHADA MIGO CHADA KA MIBA'YA LEI - that is, he pondered this question in an "Im Timtzeh Lomar" ("Were you to say") format, as follows: Even if you were to say that a Nezirus Mu'etes is not Halachically binding, would you say so in the case of a Nezirus Merubah?

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