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Nazir 7

NAZIR 6 & 7 - sponsored by Harav Ari Bergmann of Lawrence, N.Y., out of love for Torah and those who study it.

1) [line 2] SHE'EIN MONIN YAMIM L'SHANIM - when we lengthen a year, we add a full (leap) month and not individual days, e.g. to complete the year of a Neder.
If a person vows to abstain from wine for a year, he abstains for twelve lunar months or 354 days (the days in a lunar year when the months alternate between 29 and 30 days) and not 365 days (the days in a solar year).

2) [line 14] SHE'HECHEZIK BA'DERECH - he already started on his journey
3) [line 16] AVNA - (a) (O.F. contrede) province, region (MEFARESH); (b) night lodging, inn, i.e. a day's journey (RASHI to Bava Metzia 79b and to Avodah Zarah 65a)

4) [last line] AMATU L'HACHI - because of this
5) [last line] KAMANI TARTEIN - he counts two [periods of Nezirus]


6) [line 1] D'LO NACHIS L'DAVKA - he did not proclaim a specific, valid [period of Nezirus]

7) [line 8] D'DARISH LISHNA YESEIRA (Making an inference based on a superfluous usage)
If a person could have expressed himself briefly and instead expresses himself with unnecessary additions, we establish that he intends to add something to his statement with his verbosity.

8a) [line 9] BOR - a pit that is dug in impermeable ground and that is not lined with stones
b) [line 10] DUS - a pit in the ground that is lined with stones that rise above the surface of the ground. A Dus also has a cover on top. (BI'UR HALACHAH Orach Chayim 587:1 in his explanation of the opinions of Rashi and Rambam)

9) [line 10] UMKA V'RUMA -its depth and its height

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