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Nazir 6

NAZIR 6 & 7 - sponsored by Harav Ari Bergmann of Lawrence, N.Y., out of love for Torah and those who study it.

*1*) [line 11] ELA L'VAR PADA, LAMAH LI? - that is, what is the Chidush that the thirtieth day counts towards the second Nezirus according to Bar Pada? Since the first Nezirus ends after 29 days, the following day can obviously be part of the second Nezirus (as Bar Pada said earlier on this page, "Eima Seifa...")! (According to the second explanation of TOSFOS DH v'Es, this is a repeat of the previous question in the Gemara. According to his first explanation, the *previous* question is a repeat of the one before it.)


2) [line 13] B'YOM MELOS - on the day of the completion
3) [line 16] "[KOL YEMEI NIZRO...] KADOSH YIHEYEH, GADEL PERA [SE'AR ROSHO.]" - "[All the days of the vow of his Nezirus no razor shall come upon his head; until the days are fulfilled, during which he separates himself for HaSh-m,] he shall be holy, and shall let the locks [of the hair of his head] grow." (Bamidbar 6:5)

4) [line 19] EI EILU YAMIM SHE'TZERICHIN L'MAL'OS? - which period of days need to be filled, completed?

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