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Moed Katan 23

MOED KATAN 22 & 23 (19-20 Cheshvan) - dedicated in memory of Chaim Mordechai ben Harav Yisrael Azriel (Feldman) of Milwaukee by his family.

1) [line 3] DOMIN - they remain silent
2a) [line 5] SHEMU'AH - subjects of Torah law
b) [line 5] AGADAH - homiletic interpretations of the verses of Scriptures
3) [line 6] SHABBOS - week
4) [line 21] GIHUTZ - pressing (ironing)
5) [line 22] MACHBESH - a press consisting of two long boards, of which the lower is fixed and the upper can move up and down along poles that are placed into holes in its four corners. Clothes are arranged on the lower board and the upper board is brought down on the clothes and held tight with pegs that are inserted into holes in the poles.

6) [line 23] GARDA D'SARBELA - a pressed white cloak (not new)
7) [line 24] CHIMUTZASA ROMEYASA SUMAKTA CHADTI - a new Roman garment, dyed red


8) [line 14] EINO MEISAV - he may not recline on a couch or sit at a table
9) [line 15] EIN MEVARECH - he may not say Birkas ha'Motzi or Birkas ha'Mazon for someone else

10) [line 15] EIN MEZAMEN (ZIMUN)
(a) When three or more Jewish males eat together at a meal that contains bread, they are required to recite the Zimun, which is an invitation to those present to get ready to bless HaSh-m for the food He provided. The Zimun precedes Birkas ha'Mazon, and is in responsive form. When ten or more men eat together, the Zimun is slightly changed, adding a name of HaSh-m explicitly. An Onen is neither allowed to lead a Zimun nor participate in it.
(b) Birkas ha'Zimun (the correct Girsa in Rebbi Zeira's statement in Berachos 45b, see Background to Berachos 45, Girsa section #1) is the name of this introduction to Birkas ha'Mazon, according to most Rishonim. Rashi to Berachos 46a DH deka'Savar, however, according to one Amora in the Gemara, explains that Birkas ha'Zimun refers to the introduction *plus* the first Berachah of Birkas ha'Mazon (Birkas ha'Zan).

11) [line 18] TEFILIN - (REBBI AKIVA EIGER points out that this word does not appear when this Beraisa is cited in other sources.)

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