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Moed Katan 22

MOED KATAN 22 & 23 (19-20 Cheshvan) - dedicated in memory of Chaim Mordechai ben Harav Yisrael Azriel (Feldman) of Milwaukee by his family.

1) [line 7] HATZELPONI - name of a place
2) [line 10] ARSA - bier, coffin
3) [line 10] MI'KI MEHADRISU APAICHU - from when you turn your faces
b) [line 11] MI'BAVA D'IBULA - from the outer gate of the city
4) [line 15] NIN'ARU LA'AMOD - if they began (lit. stirred) to stand
5) [line 16] GEMIREI - [he] learned
6) [line 22] BENEI ME'AYIM - entrails, small intestines
7a) [line 23] SHIRKA D'ME'AYA - (a) the thin film that is attached to the entrails (RASHI to Pesachim 68a); (b) (O.F. glaire) a viscous, sticky substance (RASHI to Chulin 50a)
b) [line 23] D'NAFIK AGAV DUCHAKA - (a) that comes out with difficulty; (b) according to the Girsa D'NAFKA AGAV DUCHKA *D'SAKINA* - that comes out through [using] the pressure of a knife (RASHI to Pesachim ibid.)

8) [line 24] MAN D'HU - someone; one of the scholars
9) [line 24] IZKEI V'ASIK - May it be HaSh-m's will that I will merit to go up [to Eretz Yisrael]
10) [line 24] MI'PUMEI D'MAREI - from the mouth of the one who taught the ruling

11) [line 29] MADCHEH MITASO - if he hurries to take out the bier


12) [line 2] CHOLETZ - he bares his shoulder (see Insights to the Daf #3)
13) [line 11] RABAN SHIMON BEN GAMLIEL - Rebbi's father
14) [line 14] SHE'YIG'ARU VO CHAVERAV - his friends rebuke him
15) [line 19] SIMCHAS MEREIUS - a social gathering at which a meal is served
16) [line 20] L'ALTAR - immediately
17a) [line 22] ARISUSA - a meal that is given in the expectation of receiving invitations from the reciprocating members of a social club
b) [line 22] PUR'ANUSA - the meal served in reciprocation for invitations received
18) [line 28] APIKARSUSO - (a) his scarf (RASHI); (b) his undergarment (RISHONIM cited by the NIMUKEI YOSEF); (c) his overcoat (SHACH YD 340:10); (d) his jacket or frock (TAZ ibid.)

19) [line 32] MAVDIL KAMEI SAFAH SHELO - see Insights #2
20) [line 35] KERA SHEL TIFLUS - a meaningless tear
21) [line 40] SHOLEL - (O.F. bastir - to baste, to sew temporarily and loosely with long stitches) to sew with uneven stitches

22) [line 40] ME'ACHEH - (O.F. cosdre - to sew) to sew regularly, evenly

23) [line 45] MI'BIFNIM - (a) [a person tears the garments that are] inside [his jacket or outermost garment] (RASHI); (b) inside [the house, as opposed to outside, in public] (NIMUKEI YOSEF)

24) [line 48] KEFI ASISA - turn over a mortar
25) [line 48] ACHAVI - show
26) [line 49] CHACHAM - the Rav of the town
27) [last line] BENEI HA'KENESES - the members of the synagogues

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