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Megilah 29

MEGILAH 29, 30 (25, 26 Tishrei) - Anonymously dedicated by an ardent supporter who wants to have the Zechus of spreading Torah throughout the world.

1) [line 7] ALFEI SHIFUREI - thousands of shofar blowers (that announce his coming - RASHI Kesubos 17A)

2) [line 9] D'CHAITZEI GAVREI M'AVULA AD SICHRA - that people make a wall from the cemetery (lit. from the place of mourning) to the city gate

3) [line 23] HUTZAL - a city in Bavel
4) [line 23] BEI CHENISHTA D'SHAF V'YASIV B'NAHARDA'A - the shul "Shaf v'Yasiv" (so called because the stones and dirt were moved (SHAF) from the Mikdash and settled (YASIV) in Bavel (Aruch)

5) [line 29] RIGSHA - tumult
6) [line 30] KA MEVA'ASU LEI - they were scaring him
7) [line 31] ALUV V'SHE'EINO ALUV, MI NIDCHEH MIPNEI MI - one who is lowly, and one who is not lowly, who is pushed aside in front of whom

8) [line 36] TAVOR - a mountain which came (or its ministering angel came - MAHARSHA) to the giving of the Torah. Its natural location is near the Jordan valley

9) [line 38] LAMAH TERATZDUN HARIM - why do you mountains (a) wait in ambush, or (b) dance (TERAKDUN) (RASHI PSALMS 68:17)

10) [line 40] HAI MAN D'YAHIR - the one who gets haughty
11) [line 41] AD'MAKAFNA A'DAREI EI'UL B'HA - rather than go around the houses, enter here

12) [last line] SHEKALIM
(a) In the Beis ha'Mikdash, many public sacrifices were offered (for example the daily Temidim, the Korbenos Musaf of Rosh Chodesh and the festivals, etc.). In order to finance these Korbanos, one half a Shekel was collected from every Jew, both those living in Eretz Yisrael and in the Golah, once a year.
(b) The half Shekalim were collected before Rosh Chodesh Nisan so that the Korbanos of the new year (which starts with the month of Nisan) would be offered from the money that was collected for the new year. On the first of Adar, Beis Din announced that the Shekalim should be collected, in order to ensure that all of the Shekalim would be collected before Rosh Chodesh Nisan (see Insights to Shekalim 2a). Some commentaries contend that a portion of the Shekalim would not arrive until after Rosh Chodesh Nisan, while others claim that all of the Shekalim arrived by Rosh Chodesh Nisan, since the Shekalim were collected from the regions further from Yerushalayim earlier in the year. (This latter opinion appears to be the conclusion of the Yerushalmi, Shekalim 2a - see Mishnas Eliyahu ibid. 2b.)


13) [line 14] MEDINAH - (a) outside the Beis ha'Mikdash, in Yerushalayim (RASHI and most Rishonim); (b) in the other cities besides Yerushalayim (PERUSH HA'MISHNAH of the Rambam)

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