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Megilah 27

MEGILAH 27 (23 Tishrei) - dedicated anonymously by a student of the Daf in Har Nof, Yerushalayim, l'Iluy Nishmas Aviva Ahuva bas Shalom, on her Yahrzeit

1) [line 9] SHE'MEGADLIN BO TORAH - that we aggrandize Torah in it (by learning)
2) [line 12] B'RACHAMEI HU D'AVAD - he did (them) by requesting mercy
3) [line 26] V'HA KA YASIV DAPA A'CHAVREI - but behold, one page sits on another!
4) [line 29] KEGON DI'CHSIV U'MANACH L'IFRUCHEI - for example, it is written and ready (lit. resting) to be redeemed

6) [line 36] DUCHSUSYA - a horseman
7) [line 41] PARSHA D'MASA - a horseman of the city (to run errands to the governor)


8) [line 1] CHEVER IR - a Chacham engaged in communal needs
9) [line 13] BURSEKI - a tannery
10) [line 17] TZAD ECHAD B'RIBIS - a sale or loan which may result in usury
11) [line 39] MISHUM NITZOTZOS - because of drops (so they should not fall on his garment)

12) [line 40] RECHUSEI MERACHASHAN SIFVASEI - his lips are moving (he is still saying words of prayer)

13) [line 41] LO CHANISI SHEM L'CHEVEIRAI - I did not coin a nickname for my colleague

14) [line 42] KIPAH SHEB'ROSHAH - the hat on her head
15) [line 43] GARBEI YAYIN - barrels of wine
16) [line 44] HAVAH ASAR RISA - he tied a reed (in place of a belt)
17) [line 44] MASHKANTEI L'HEMYANAI - I made my belt collateral
18) [line 45] D'SITOM B'SHIRAEI - that you should be covered in silk
19) [line 45] INISH GUTZA - a short man
20) [line 46] GANA A'PURYA - he was sleeping on a bed
21) [line 46] SHALCHAN V'SHADYAN MANAIHU ALEI - they took off their garments and threw them on him

22) [line 48] LO ASISI KAPANDARYA L'VEIS HA'KENESES - I did not use a shul as a shortcut

23) [line 48] LO PASATI AL ROSHEI AM KADOSH - I did not (walk in a place where I would appear to) walk on the heads of a holy nation

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