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Megilah 25

MEGILAH 25 (21 Tishrei, Hoshana Raba) - dedicated by Gedalyah Jawitz, in honor of the yahrtzeit of Yehuda ben Simcha Volf Jawitz

1) [line 3] HA'MECHANEH B'ARAYOS - one who substitutes words which distort the prohibitions of sexual immorality

2) [line 5] L'HA'AVIR LA'MOLECH - to pass to Molech (an idolatry/cult served by passing one's child(ren) through fire)

3) [line 5] L'A'ABARA B'ARAMAYUSA - to impregnate a non-Jew
4) [line 6] B'NEZIFAH - with rebuke
5) [line 20] L'RATZUYEI L'MAREI - to appease his master
6) [line 25] SIYAMTINHU L'SHIVCHEI D'MARACH - have you completed the praises of your master?!

7) [line 38] CHAVRUSA KELAPEI SHEMAYA - he is a colleague of Hashem?!
8) [line 38] MECHINA LEI B'ARZATFA D'NAFCHA - I will hit him with a smith's hammer (O.F. Martil)

9) [line 40] KELON AVIV - the shame of his father
10) [line 44] MA'ASEH DAVID V'AMNON - the episode of David and Amnon
11) [line 44] MERKAVAH - chariot (of Hashem, described in Yechezkeil's prophecy)


12) [line 11] PAIGA DA'ATAIHU D'TZIBURA - the congregation will despair
13) [line 16] MA'ASEH PILEGESH B'GIV'AH - the episode of the concubine in Givah (which led to a civil war)

14) [line 24] KEVUL - the name of a city (towards the south-east of Acco)
15) [line 34] TECHORIM - the anal sphincter (from which we excrete)
16) [line 34] DIVYONIM - what flows (DAV is Aramaic for Zav) from doves (Yonim), i.e. excrement

17) [line 35] L'MOTZA'OS - the things which leave (i.e. excrement)
18) [line 38] KARA BEL KORES NEVO (Yeshayah 46:1) - Bel and Nevo (the idols of Babylon) bowed (amidst diarrhea)

19) [line 38] KARSU KAR'U YACHDAV LO YACHLU MALET MASA (Yeshayah 46:2)- they bowed together, they could not excrete properly

20) [line 39] L'EGLOS BEIS AVEN YAGURU SHECHAN SHOMRON KI AVAL ALAV AMO, UCHEMARAV ALAV YAGILU (Hoshea 10:5) - because of the (idolatrous) calves of Beis On (i.e. Beis Kel), its neighbor, Shomron, fears, for its nation mourns over it (the calves were taken captive) and its priests rejoice over it

21) [line 40] KEVEIDO - its heavy burden, i.e. its excrement
22) [line 42] B'SHIN TAV SHELO - on its buttocks (SHIN TOV = SHES, Yeshaya 20:8, foundation). The Rif's girsa is SHELCHA (in *your* buttocks)

23) [line 43] SAN'EI SHUM'ANEI - he is notorious for immorality (lit. hateful are his reports)

24) [line 43] B'GIMEL V'SHIN - with being the son of a convert (GIMEL - Giyorta) and slave (SHIN - Shifcha)

*****PEREK #4 BENEI HA'IR*****

25) [last line] MITPACHOS - covers of a Sefer

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