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Megilah 24

MEGILAH 21-24 (3rd-6th days of Sukos 5760) - sponsored by Harav Ari Bergmann of Lawrence, N.Y., out of love for Torah and those who study it.

1) [line 30] POCHE'ACH - one whose is barelegged (RASHI); alternatively one whose shirt is torn such that in many places his skin is exposed (TOSFOS, RAN) or his arms and shoulders are exposed (RIF)

2) [line 36] D'ASI L'INTZUYEI - they will come to fight


3) [line 9] B'AVNESA D'LIBA TALYA - it depends on the understanding of the heart (and need not be said audibly)

4) [line 19] PECHASIN - pits
5) [line 20] BARKANIN - thorns
6) [line 21] SETIS - (O.F. krug - Rashi Shabbos 89b) a red dye made from safflower
7) [line 23] YADAV BOHAKANIYOS - his hands are (O.F. lintilos) freckled (with white patches)

8) [line 24] AKUMOS - bent
9) [line 24] AKUSHOS - bent to the sides
10) [line 24] CHAIFANI - one from Chaifa (such people did not pronounce the letters properly)

11) [line 24] BAISHANI - one from Beis Shan (such people did not pronounce the letters properly)

12) [line 26] TIV'ONIN - one from Tivon (such people did not pronounce the letters properly). Tiv'on was a village built in the lower Galilee towards the end of the second Temple period and which lasted a few hundred years after the destruction of the Temple. Its ruins lie north of the present day road connecting Haifa with Nazareth, near today's Tiv'on and near the ancient Beis She'arim.

13) [line 28] AVI KOLEICH - your voice is thick
14) [line 30] ZEVALGAN - one whose eyes tear
15) [line 32] B'SHIVEVUSEI - in the neighborhood
16) [line 35] DASH B'IRO HAVAH - he was well-known in the city (so people were used to him)

17) [line 39] HA'OSEH TEFILASO AGULAH - one who makes his Tefilin (singular; here, it refers to the Tefilin that are placed on the head) round

18) [line 41] BEIS UNKELI - sleeve
19) [line 41] DERECH HA'CHITZONIM - way of outsiders (those who go outside the directives of Chachamim)

20) [last line] B'TAFRAN UV'ALACHSONAN - in their sewing and in their diagonal
21) [last line] D'AVIDA KI AMGUZA - it was made like (the shape of) a nut

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