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MEGILAH 16, 17, 18, and 19 (1st day of Sukos) sponsored by a generous grant from an anonymous donor. Kollel Iyun Hadaf is indebted to him for his encouragement and support and prays that Hashem will repay him in kind.

1) [line 1] DIFTERA D'MALI'ACH V'KAMI'ACH V'LO APITZ - a hide that is treated with salt and flour, but not with gall nuts (Afatzim), and that is not split in two

2) [line 2] MECHAKA - papyrus
3) [line 20] PARUZ BEN YOMO - one living in an open place for the day of Purim
4) [line 36] TOKEF - power
5) [line 54] CHUTEI GIDIN - sinews used as thread
6) [line 55] MECHASRA U'MEYASRA PURTA - a little shorter or longer [than the other parchments] (The Gemara is discussing a scroll that contains several books of Kesuvim attached together.)


7) [line 6] SHIYUR HA'TEFER - the part of the Sefer Torah that is not sewn together; i.e. one must leave a remainder (of any amount) of the parchment on the top and bottom that is not sewn

8) [line 10] KI'MLO NEKEV MACHAT SIDKIS - like the size of the eye of a thin sewing needle (that is used for sewing tears in clothes or strips of cloths)

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