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Megilah 15

1) [line 21] RACHAV BI'SHEMAH ZINSAH - a person who mentions the name Rachav becomes filled with immoral intentions

2) [line 23] MIYAD NIKRI - he would immediately have an incidence of Keri (nocturnal emission)

3) [line 25] GAVAR MALKA ILA'A MI'MALKA TATA'A - this is a euphemism for "the lower king (Achashveirosh) overcame the Higher (Heavenly) King"

4) [line 26] VA'TISCHALCHAL - and her insides became hollow (MAHARSHA)
5) [line 32] SHE'EIN MESHIVIN AL HA'KALKALAH - that a messenger should not carry out the errand of a deviant

6) [line 36] ARKUMA D'MAYA - a pool of water
7) [line 46] SHOFES KEDEIRAH - places a pot over the fire
8a) [last line] PROZBULEI - (lit. a claim or document of the rich) Mordechai was Haman's master


b) [line 1] PRUZBUTEI - (lit. a claim or document of the poor) Haman was Mordechai's slave
9) [line 1] AVDA D'MIZDABEN B'TALMEI - a slave that was sold for loaves of bread
10) [line 8] "LA'ATERES TZEVI..." - "In that day shall HaSh-m be a crown of glory, and a tiara of beauty, to the residue of His people, And as a spirit of judgment to him who sits in judgment, and for strength to those who turn the battle to the gate." (Yeshayah 28:5-6) - The Gemara interprets each phrase of these two verses.

11) [line 9] TZIVYONO - the Creator's will, desire
12) [line 11] L'MI SHE'MESIM ATZMO K'SHIRAYIM - for a person who considers himself superfluous, unnecessary; i.e. for a humble person

13) [line 24] "GAM ELEH..." - "But they also reel through wine, and stagger through strong drink; [the Kohen and the prophet reel through strong drink, they are confused by wine; they stagger through strong drink; they err in vision,] they stumble in judgment." (Yeshayah 28:7)

14) [line 26] L'FUKAH - as a stumbling block
15) [line 34] (SHERIVAVTA) [SHIRBAVTA] - You lengthened, stretched
16) [line 37] PACHIM TAMNAH LO - she concealed traps for him
17) [line 42] HAFACHPECHAN - wishy-washy; fickle-minded
18) [line 43] "B'CHUMAM ASHIS ES MISHTEIHEM..." - "When they are heated I will make their feasts, and I will make them drunk, that they may rejoice, and sleep an everlasting sleep, and not awake, says HaSh-m." (Yirmeyahu 51:39)

19) [line 46] "SEVE'IM BA'LECHEM NISKARU..." - "Those who were full have hired out themselves for bread..." (Shmuel I 2:5) - The Gemara reads the first word of this verse as "Shiv'im" for the Derashah.

20) [line 51] D'RACHIM LI - who likes me
21) [line 51] D'HAVAH MODA LI - who would let me know

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