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Kidushin 41

KIDUSHIN 41-42 - Ari Kornfeld has generously sponsored the Dafyomi publications for these Dafim for the benefit of Klal Yisrael.

***** Perek ha'Ish Mekadesh *****


(a) What does the Tana of our Mishnah say about a man who is Mekadesh, a woman who is Miskadeshes and a man who betrothes his daughter who is a Na'arah? What do they all have in common?

(b) Why does the Tana refer specifically to a daughter who is a Na'arah? Is it to preclude a Ketanah?

(c) How does Rav Yosef explain why the Tana, having taught us that a man can betroth a woman through a Sheli'ach, nevertheless finds it necessary to add 'Bo'?

(d) Rav Safra used to fry a fish-head in honor of Shabbos.
What did Rava used to do?

(a) Others suggest that betrothing a woman through a Sheli'ach might even entail a prohibition, based on what Rav Yehudah Amar Rav said.
What did Rav Yehudah Amar Rav say?

(b) From which Pasuk does he extrapolate this?

(c) According to this, to what is Rav Yosef referring, when he says 'Mitzvah Bo Yoser mi'bi'Shelucho'?

(d) Why does Rav Yehudah Amar Rav's suspicion not apply to the Seifa?

(a) Which woman's adage does Resh Lakish quote that bears out the previous principle?

(b) On what grounds does Rav Yehudah Amar Rav (or Rebbi Elazar) forbid a man to marry off his daughter as long as she is still a Ketanah?

(a) What do we learn from the Pasuk in Ki Seitzei (written in connection with Gitin) ...
  1. ... "ve'Shilach"?
  2. ... "ve'Shilchah" (the extra 'hey')?
  3. ... "ve'Shilchah" (which is written a second time)?
(b) From where do we learn Shelichus by Kidushin?

(c) Why can we not learn it from a 'Mah Matzinu' from Gerushin?

(d) And what do we (initially) learn from the Pasuk in Korach "Kein Tarimu *Gam* Atem"?

(a) What are the three amounts that a person might separate as Terumah?

(b) How much should a Sheli'ach separate, should he be unable to assess the amount the owner would want him to give,?

(c) What will be the Din if, in the last case, the Sheli'ach gave a fortieth or a sixtieth? Will he be obligated to give Terumah again?

(d) Why can we not learn Shelichus by Gitin and Kidushin from Terumah?

Answers to questions



(a) What does Rebbi Yehoshua ben Korchah learn from the Pasuk in Bo "ve'Shachatu Oso Kol Kehal Adas Yisrael"?

(b) Why can the Pasuk not be understood literally?

(c) One of the members of a group was asked to go and search for the group's missing Korban Pesach. If he subsequently found it and Shechted it on their behalf, but they took another lamb and Shechted it, from whose Korban must they eat, theirs or his?

(d) Why can we not learn Shelichus everywhere else from a 'Mah Matzinu' from Kodshim?

(a) We then try learning one from two.
Why can we not learn ...
  1. ... Kodshim from any combination of Gitin, Kidushin and Terumah?
  2. ... Gerushin from Terumah and Kodshim?
(b) What do we learn from the Pasuk in ...
  1. ... Korach "ve'Nechshav Lachem Terumaschem"?
  2. ... Divrei Hayamim "Kol Nediv Leiv"?
(c) What do we conclude when we ask why we cannot learn Shelichus by Terumah from Gerushin and Kodshim?
(a) Since we learn Shelichus by Terumah from Gerushin and Kodshim, we use "*Gam* Atem" to learn what Rebbi Yanai said.
What did Rebbi Yanai say?

(b) What did Rebbi Chiya bar Aba Amar Rebbi Yochanan say about an Eved receiving a Get on behalf of a woman?

(c) What is the reason for this?

(d) Then why can we not learn Rebbi Yanai's Din from there too, and disqualify a Nochri from separating Terumah for the same reason?

(a) In which two regards does the Tana Kama in a Mishnah in Terumos consider the Terumah of a Nochri, Terumah?

(b) What is the reason of Rebbi Shimon who disagrees?

(c) What problem does this pose on the previous D'rashah of "Gam Atem"?

(d) So what does Rebbi Shimon learn from "*Gam* Atem"? What would we have thought had the Torah not inserted the word "Gam"?

10) In fact, Mar precludes four cases from "Atem": "Atem", 've'Lo Arisim, "Atem" 've'Lo Shutfin'.
What are the remaining two?

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