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Kesuvos 49

KESUVOS 49 (13 Iyar) - has been dedicated by Zvi and Tamara Sand of Har Nof, Yerushalayim, in honor of the Yahrzeit of Zvi's grandfather, Meir ben Reb Benzion Sand.


(a) In which way is the Pasuk in Matos "ve'Neder Almanah u'Gerushah ... Yakum Alehah" superfluous?

(b) What do we therefore learn from it?

(c) How does ...

1. ... Rav Papa substantiate this D'rashah from the Mishnah in Sanhedrin: 'ha'Ba al Na'arah ha'Me'urasah, Eino Chayav ad she'T'hei Na'arah, Besulah, Me'urasah, ve'Hi be'Veis Avihah'?
2. ... Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak substantiate it from the Mishnah there: "ha'Ba al Eishes Ish, Keivan she'Nichnesah li'R'shus ha'Ba'al, af-al-pi she'Lo Niv'elah, ha'Ba Alehah Harei Zeh be'Chenek'?
(a) What did Rebbi Elazar ben Azaryah Darshen in front of the Chachamim in Yavneh from the wording of the two Takanos 'ha'Banim Yirshu, ve'ha'Banos Yazunu' (both contained in the Kesuvah)?

(b) On what occasion did he make this D'rashah?

(c) Why is the Sanhedrin referred to as 'Kerem'?

(d) What is the Takanah of 'ha'Banim Yirshu'?

(a) According to Rebbi Meir in a Beraisa, it is a Mitzvah (though not an obligation) for a man to feed his daughters, 'Kal va'Chomer' his sons; according to Rebbi Yehudah, it is a Mitzvah to feed his sons, 'Kal va'Chomer' his daughters.
Why is it a 'Kal va'Chomer' to feed ...
  1. ... one's sons, according to Rebbi Meir?
  2. ... one's daughters, according to Rebbi Yehudah?
(b) What does Rebbi Yochanan ben Berokah hold? What does Chovah mean?

(c) Which two inferences can we make from our Mishnah 'ha'Av Eino *Chayav* bi'Mezonos *Bito* that does not seem to conform with any of the opinions in the Beraisa?

(a) How do we reconcile our Mishnah with the opinion of ...
  1. ... Rebbi Meir? Why does the Tana mention 'daughter', and not 'son' (what would we have thought had he mentioned 'son')?
  2. ... Rebbi Yehudah? Why does the Tana mention 'daughter' and not 'son' (what would we have thought had he mentioned 'son')?
  3. ... Rebbi Yochanan ben Berokah?
(b) According to Rebbi Yochanan ben Berokah, why does the Tana mention specifically 'daughter', and why does he say 'Chayav'?
Answers to questions



(a) What ruling did the Beis-Din in Usha issue with regard to feeding one's children, according to Rebbi Ila'a Amar Resh Lakish Mishum Rebbi Yossi b'Rebbi Chanina?

(b) What did ...

  1. ... Rav Yehudah say about a serpent, when they asked him about feeding one's children?
  2. ... Rav Chisda used to declare about a man who refused to feed his children?
(c) He would instruct them to overturn a mortar and to make the declaration on it.
If not the Sh'liach Tzibur (in charge of community affairs), who might be the one to stand on the mortar and make the declaration?

(d) What do we prove by citing Rav Yehudah and Rav Chisda?

(a) What do we learn from the Pasuk in Tehilim "li'V'nei Orev Asher Yikra'u"?

(b) So how could Rav Yehudah intimate that ravens do feed their young?

(c) What would Rava ask someone who declined to feed his children?

(a) When does one even go so far as to force a man to feed his children?

(b) What did Rava force Rav Nasan bar Ami to do?

(c) How is this connected to the previous Halachah?

(a) What did Beis-Din institute in Usha with regard to a man who wrote out all his property to his son in his lifetime, according to Rebbi Ila'a Amar Resh Lakish?

(b) Ravin sent in a letter that if a man dies, leaving behind a widow and a married daughter, the widow continues to be fed from his property.
Why is this case highly irregular?

(c) What did Rebbi Yehudah, Rebbi Yossi bar Chanina's nephew testify with regard to the same case, in the event that the daughter died?

(a) What Kashya does Rebbi Zeira or Rebbi Shmuel bar Nachmeini ask from here on Rebbi Ila'a Amar Resh Lakish?

(b) How do we answer the Kashya? How do we justify Rebbi Ila'a's need to present this case despite Ravin's letter?

(a) Why did that man kiss Rebbi Yonasan's feet?

(b) How do we prove from there that the Halachah is not like Rebbi Ila'a Amar Resh Lakish?

Answers to questions

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