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Prepared by P. Feldman
of Kollel Iyun Hadaf, Yerushalayim
Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

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Kesuvos 55

KESUVOS 55 & 56 - have been dedicated by Rabbi Avi Feldman and his sisters in memory of their mother (yahrzeit: 11 Iyar), ha'Rabbanit Sara Dvasya bas Rav Mordechai.


(a) Conditions of the Kesuvah are also as the Kesuvah regarding:
1. Collecting from improvements made on land;
2. An oath (to collect it);
3. It may be collected after Shmitah;
4. A man who writes all his property to his sons (and something to his wife, we say that she pardoned her lien on his property);
5. It is only collected from lowest quality land;
6. If she lives in her father's house (and does not mention the Kesuvah in 25 years, we say that she pardoned it);
7. Kesuvas Bnin Dichrin.
(a) Sages of Pumbadisa say, Kesuvas Bnin Dichrin is not collected from land which was sold - the Mishnah says 'they will inherit' (and heirs do not collect sold land);
1. Sages of Masa Machsiya say, it is collected - the Mishnah says, 'they are owed' (and a creditor collects from sold land).
2. The law is, it is not collected.
(b) Metaltelim designated to pay the Kesuvah - if they are around, she collects them without an oath.
(c) Sages of Pumbadisa say, if they are not around, she collects without an oath;
1. Sages of Masa Machsiya say, she must swear.
2. The law is, she does not swear.
(d) If land was designated to pay the Kesuvah, which was delimited in all 4 directions, she collects them without an oath.
(e) If only 1 border was specified, sages of Pumbadisa say, she collects without an oath;
1. Sages of Masa Machsiya say, she must swear.
2. The law is, she does not swear.
(f) A man said to witnesses, 'write, sign and give a deed (of land) to Ploni' - if they acquired on behalf of Ploni (Chalifin), they fulfill his command without reconsulting with him.
(g) If they did not acquire for Ploni - Sages of Pumbadisa say, they need not reconsult;
1. Sages of Masa Machsiya say, they must.
2. The law is, they must.
(a) Rav and R. Nasan - one said, the law is as R. Elazar Ben Azaryah; the other said it is not.
(b) Suggestion: R. Nasan is the one who says that the law is as R. Elazar Ben Azaryah, since he goes after estimation.
1. (R. Nasan): The law is as R. Shimon Shezuri regarding a person about to die (who commanded to write a Get for his wife, but neglected to say to give it); and regarding Trumas Ma'aser of doubtfully tithed produce.

(c) Question: Do we really say that Rav does not go after estimation?
1. (The house of Rav): A person on his deathbed wrote a document to give a gift. The document says that an acquisition was made - this gives the recipient both advantages.
i. It is as the gift of a healthy person, that the giver cannot retract;
ii. It is as the gift of a sick person, that the giver can transfer a loan owed to him.
2. (Shmuel): I do not know how to judge it.
i. Perhaps he only intended that the gift should take effect when the document is given, and this cannot work after he dies.
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