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Kesuvos 112

1a) [line 1] V'HAVYAH KEMI'BEI MICHSEI - and it was like the distance from Bei Michsei, possibly Makesin, a city on the Habor River, a tributary of the Euphrates
b) [line 1] AD AKRA (D'TULBANKEI) [D'TULBAKNEI] - until the port of Tulbaknei, on the southern bank of the Euphrates River (RASHI to Kidushin 71b)

2) [line 2] PUSYA - and its width
3) [line 4] AFARSEKA - peach (O.F. persches - peaches [RASHI to Shabbos 22a])
4) [line 4] ILFAS KEFAR HINO - a large, tightly covered pot or stew-pot from Kefar Hino
5) [line 8] NAKTO B'YADEI - he held it in his hand (it was smaller than the one from the previous year)

6) [line 8] "ERETZ PRI LI'MELECHAH; ME'RA'AS YOSHVEI VAH." - "A fruitful land into barrenness, because of the wickedness of its inhabitants." (Tehilim 107:34)

7) [line 10] GAVLA - a city in the lower Galilee, possibly Gabalah, which was built by King Herod

8) [line 10] KETUFEI - clusters of grapes
9) [line 11] KI IGLEI - like calves

10a) [line 15] BEIS SE'AH OSAH CHAMESHES RIBO KURIN - a parcel of land on which a Se'ah of grain can be planted would produce 50,000 Kur of grain

A Beis Se'ah is a parcel of land in which a Se'ah of grain is normally planted. The area of a Beis Se'ah is 2,500 square Amos, approximately 576 square meters (6,200 square feet) or 829.43 square meters (8927.9 square feet), depending upon the differing Halachic opinions


1 Kur = 2 Lesachin
1 Lesech = 5 Efos
1 Efah = 3 Se'in
1 Se'ah = 6 Kabin
1 Kav = 4 Lugin
1 Log = 6 Beitzim

1 Beitzah = approximately 0.05, 0.0576 or .1 liters, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions. Therefore: 1 Se'ah = 7.2, 8.29 or 14.4 liters,
1 Kur = 216, 248.7, or 432 liters,
50,000 Kur = 10,800,000, 12,435,000, 21,000,000 liters.

11) [line 16] TZO'AN - This is identified with Tanis (Targum, Septuagint), a city in Egypt south of the Nile River Delta. Tanis was the capital of the Hyksos

12) [line 17] BIK'AS BEIS SHE'AN - the Beis She'an valley
13) [line 19] D'HAVU MERABU BAH MELACHIM - that they would appoint their kings there
14) [line 20] TERASHIM - rugged, stony ground
15) [line 21] KAVREI BAH SHICHVEI - they would bury the deceased there
16) [line 24] SHE'MEVUNEH - productive
17) [linee 26] "VA'YIZRA' YITZCHAK BA'ARETZ HA'HI VA'YIMTZA BA'SHANAH HA'HI ME'AH SHE'ARIM..." - "Then Yitzchak sowed in that land, [and reaped in the same year one hundred-fold; and HaSh-m blessed him.]" (Bereishis 26:12)

18a) [line 27] KEMACH - flour
b) [line 27] SOLES - fine flour
c) [line 28] SUBIN - bran that adheres to the wheat kernel that is separated out in the last stages of sifting
d) [line 28] MURSAN - coarse bran that comes off the wheat when it is pounded (RAMBAM, Peirush ha'Mishnayos, RASHI to Chulin 88b - Rashi on our Daf exchanges the definitions of Subin and Mursan)
e) [line 28] KIBURYA - (O.F. seondier) flour of inferior quality

19) [line 28] YA'EH MESHAVCHISU BAH B'AR'ACHON! - The way that people praise your land is fitting!

20) [line 29] MESHACH - oil
21) [line 29] CHAMAR - wine
22) [line 30] IBUR - grain
23) [line 30] BAR AMORA'AH - Emorite (from the inhabitants of the land at the time of Yehoshua's conquest)

24) [line 31] TALASA - date palm
25) [line 31] D'KAIMA A'GUDA D'YARDENA - that stands on the bank of the Jordan River
26) [line 31] GADRISU - [do] you harvest
27) [line 32] AKATI LO AILISU BAH, ACHRIVTUHA - you have not yet entered it (Eretz Yisrael), and you have already destroyed it

28) [line 33] GISA - side
29) [line 34] "V'ETEN LECHA ERETZ CHEMDA NACHALAS TZEVI" - "[But I said, 'How shall I place you among the other sons,] and give you a pleasant land, the coveted heritage [of the hosts of nations?' And I said, 'You shall call Me, "My father;" and shall not turn away from Me.'" (Yirmeyahu 3:19) - The word "Zvi" (coveted) is also the word for "gazelle."

30) [line 40] PALTI LI ME'CHADA - I was saved from one of the curses mentioned in the Nevi'im

31) [line 41] SOD HA'IBUR - a Beraisa that teaches astronomy as it applies to the synchronization of the lunar year with the solar seasons, and that is only understood by the initiated

32) [line 41] "V'HAYESAH YADI EL HA'NEVI'IM HA'CHOZIM SHAV...B'SOD AMI LO YIHEYU, UVI'CHSAV BEIS YISRAEL LO YIKASEVU, V'EL ADMAS YISRAEL LO YAVO'U..." - "And My hand shall be upon the prophets who see vanity, [and who divine lies;] they shall not be in the council of My people, nor shall they be written in the writing of the house of Yisrael, nor shall they enter into the land of Yisrael; and you shall know that I am HaSh-m." (Yechezkel 13:9)

33) [line 44] MAVRA - ferry
34) [line 44] MITZRA - a bridge consisting of a narrow plank with a rope suspended above it with which to keep one's balance

35) [line 45] AMA PEZIZA! - [You] abrupt, impetuous nation!
36) [line 45] D'KADMISU PUMAICHU L'UDNAICHU! - Your mouths preceded your ears! (i.e. you said "Na'aseh v'Nishma," agreeing to keep the Torah, before hearing what you would be obliged to keep!)

37) [line 45] AKATI B'PEZIZUSAICHU KAIMISU! - You are still impetuous! (and that is why you cannot wait for the ferry!)

38) [last line] KEIFEI - (a) coral; (b) stones
39) [last line] MESAKEN MASKALEI - (a) [he] would fix its obstacles (potholes etc.) (RASHI); (b) According to the Girsa *MESAKEL* MASKALEI - [he] would weigh stones on his scales to see if they were heavy (TOSFOS DH Rebbi Chanina)


40) [line 1] KAIMEI MI'SHIMSHA L'TULA, UMI'TULA L'SHIMSHA - [in the summer, they] would change their place of learning (lit. they would get up) from a sunny place to a shady place (before it got too hot) and [in the winter] from a shady place to a sunny place (before it got too cold) [so that they should not complain about living in Eretz Yisrael]

41) [line 2] MIGANDAR B'AFARAH - would roll around in its dirt
42) [line 2] "KI RATZU AVADEHA ES AVANEHA, V'ES AFARAH YECHONENU." - "For Your servants hold her (Tziyon's) stones dear, and have pity on her dust." (Tehilim 102:15)

43) [line 4] KATEGORIYA B'SALMIDEI CHACHAMIM - many people will bring charges against the Torah scholars

44) [line 5] TZEIRUF ACHAR TZEIRUF - refining after refining; i.e. decrees are constantly being made against them

45) [line 5] "V'OD BAH ASIRIYAH V'SHAVAH V'HAYESAH L'VA'ER..." - "And if one tenth remains in it, then that shall again be consumed; [but like a terebinth tree, or like an oak, whose stump remains, when they cast their leaves; so the holy seed (the righteous of Yisrael) shall be its stump.]" (Yeshayah 6:13)

46) [line 6] BEZUZEI U'VEZUZEI D'VEZUZEI - plunderers and plunderers after plunderers (who take what is left)

47) [line 8] CHEILAM - their strength, i.e. their fruit


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