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Kesuvos 96

KESUVOS 96 - Dedicated by Gerald (Gedalia) Ziering in honor of Rabbi Elimelech Kohn, leader of the Daf Yomi shiur at Telshe Yeshiva Alumni of Riverdale, NY.

1) [line 7] D'LO SEHEVEI (LAH) [LEI] EIVAH - so that he will not feel enmity, not bear a grudge

2) [line 10] MEZIGAS HA'KOS - (a) passing a cup of wine to them (RASHI to Kesuvos 4b); (b) diluting a cup of wine with water (ROSH 5:24, RASHBA Toras Ha'Bayis Ha'Aruch 7:2); (c) diluting a cup of wine with water *and* passing it to them (RE'EM Yere'im ha'Shalem Siman 26); (d) pouring a cup of wine at the table (HAGAHOS MAIMONIYOS Isurei Bi'ah 11:50) [All of these opinions are quoted by the BEIS YOSEF Yoreh De'ah 195:10]

3) [line 10] HATZA'AS HA'MITAH - making their beds

4a) [line 20] "LA'MAS ME'RE'EHU CHASED..." (Iyov 6:14) - (a) Our Gemara interprets this verse as follows: "One who does not let his student serve him, actually prevents him from receiving a kindness..." (RASHI, 1st explanation); (b) Our Gemara is also based upon the previous verse (Iyov 6:13), as follows: "...V'SUSHIYAH NIDECHAH MIMENI; LA'MAS ME'RE'EHU CHASED..." - "When advice [as to how I may serve my Rebbi] is withheld from me, a kindness is actually withheld from me..." (RASHI, 2nd explanation)
b) [line 20] "HA'IM EIN EZRASI VI; V'SUSHIYAH NIDECHAH MIMENI? LA'MAS ME'RE'EHU CHASED V'YIR'AS SHAKAI YA'AZOV - The translation of these verses with regard to the story of Iyov is as follows: "Am I not capable of helping myself? And has wisdom been driven from me? [Wisdom has not been driven from me, only] from he who withholds kindness from his friend [like you] and forsakes the fear of HaSh-m." (Iyov 6:13-14)

5) [line 27] DISKIYA - (O.F. besace) wallet, leather pouch with two sections [etymology - DISKIYA = DU SAKIN = bi sace = besace = two sacks]

*6*) [line 28] AVAL LI'CHESUVAH MAFKINAN MINAH - (The Gemara ruled earlier (84b) that a creditor cannot be "Tofes" money of the Yesomim towards the payment of a loan, unless he was Tofes during the debtor's lifetime. Our Gemara, which says that the woman *can* be Tofes towards the payment of her Mezonos, is also talking about a woman who was Tofes during her husband's lifetime. Even so, she cannot collect her Kesuvah from what she was Tofes since a Kesuvah only becomes payable after death. Alternatively, the Gemara is proposing that the Rabanan were especially lenient with regard to collecting payments for a widow's Mezonos, to make up for the fact that it cannot be collected from Meshubadim, and therefore they allowed her to be Tofes even *after* her husband's death -- TOSFOS DH Almanah, Tosfos 84b DH v'Hu.)


7) [line 16] (RA'AVTANUSA) [RA'AVTANISA] - a woman with a voracious appetite [this is the Girsa in the manuscripts and in Rashi Mahadura Kama]

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