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Kesuvos 92

KESUVOS 92 - dedicated by Rav Mordechai Rabin (London/Har Nof) for the Yahrzeit of his mother (28 Sivan).

1) [line 2] U'MEFATZEI LEI - and compensates him for it
*2*) [line 15] U'METALTELEI D'YASMEI L'VA'AL CHOV LO MISHTA'ABDEI - (This Gemara holds like Rebbi Akiva, of the Mishnah on 84a, who says that a debtor cannot collect from Metaltelim of Yesomim even if the debtor gets the Metaltelim *before* they reach the hands of the Yesomim -- TOSFOS 91b DH Re'uven.)


3) [line 7] D'MAFKAS MINEI ALAI HADAR - that which you are taking away from him will fall back on me; i.e. I will have to repay him

4) [line 9] TAR'OMES - bad feelings, grumbling

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