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Kesuvos 68

KESUVOS 68 (3 Sivan) - dedicated l'Zecher Nishmas Rabbi Bennett Gold (Rav Dov ben Dovid Meir), by Shari and Jay Gold and family, on his Yahrzeit.

1) [line 1] B'TALEI CHESEF O B'TALEI ZAHAV? - with cloths of silver (white linen) or cloths of gold (colored silk)?

2) [line 11] HA'MATZBEH ES BITNO - one who makes his stomach appear to be bloated from hunger

3) [line 12] HA'MEKAPE'ACH ES SHOKO - one who makes his thigh appear to be shrunken

4) [line 21] LO MEKABEL ILAVA'I - he will not accept upon himself [to use lower quality furniture than that to which he is accustomed]

5) [line 22] MACHAREISHAH D'CHASPA - a silver backscratcher
6) [line 24] GIBUY - collection of debts through the court (for taking the gifts of the poor when he was not entitled)

7) [line 36] PARNASAS HA'BA'AL - the dowry given to the groom
8) [line 40] LEVUSHA V'CHISUYA - clothing and coverings
*9*) [line 43] MICHLAL D'TANA KAMA - that is, Rebbi Yehudah
10) [line 49] DARSHINAN MI'SHEMECH? - Should we teach in your name (RASHI Beitzah 28a)

11) [line 49] YEHE RA'AVA - may it be the Creator's desire
12) [line 49] KOL KI HANEI MILEI MA'ALYASA - all fine teachings like these
13) [line 49] TIDRESHU MI'SHEMA'I - you should teach in my name
14) [line 51] AMIDNEI - we have formed an opinion about him (whether he is stingy or generous)


*15*) [line 7] NIS'U AD SHE'LO BAGRU - that is, if a *Na'arah* marries (without having been given an Isur Nechasim)

16) [line 16] HA GEDOLAH VITRAH - but if she has reached puberty, she relinquishes [her claim to the difference between what the family designated for her and the Isur Nechasim (one tenth of the estate)]

17) [line 17] D'MACHAI - in a case where she protested
18) [line 29] EINAH K'TENA'EI KESUVAH - is not like the obligatory conditions that are part of the Kesuvah (whether they are written in it or not)

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