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Kesuvos 57

1) [line 1] IRCHAS KESUVASAH - her Kesuvah got lost
2) [line 24] MAI KA MASHMA LAN? - that is, why would Rav Papa's suggestion (that the argument be between Rebbi Yehoshu ben Levi and Rebbi Yochanan) be better than Rebbi Avahu's statement (in the name of Rebbi Yochanan that he and Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi were not arguing)?

3) [line 26] L'FARNES ES ATZMAH - to [work and] provide herself with her jewelry


4) [line 5] MISHTA'I INISH HACHI? - does a person talk like that?
5) [line 14] HASHTA LO YAD'AH - now she does not know [what it is like to be married]
6) [line 14] L'MACHAR MIMREDA V'NAFKA - in the future she will rebel against her husband and leave him

7) [line 16] POSKIN - designate a marriage
8) [line 19] ME'AILA PACHDA ME'HASHTA - from now [when they arrange the marriage while she is still a minor] a fear will come upon her

9) [line 20] V'CHALSHA - and she will become sick
10) [line 23] TEVU'AH - an Arusah who was requested to prepare her jewelry for the wedding

*11*) [line 42] SHEMA YIMZEGU LAH KOS B'VEIS AVIHA - perhaps they will mix her a cup [of Terumah wine, by putting water into the wine] in her father's house, and she will give some of it to her brothers or sisters. (The reason the Gemara mentions a *drink*, as opposed to a food, of Terumah, is because it is easier for her to give a drink to others than to share a food with them, so there is more cause for concern that she might share a drink [RITVA]. Alternatively, the reason it mentions specifically "mixing" a drink of wine of Terumah is because when taking unmixed wine, it is hard to guess how much wine will be produced after mixing. Because of this there is a good chance that she will pour more wine than necessary. Once she sees that she has more than necessary, and that she cannot return it to the jug since it is already mixed, she might give it to her brothers and sisters to drink [SHITAH MEKUBETZES].)

12) [line 43] DUCHTA MEYACHED LAH - he sets aside a place for her to live
13) [line 44] LAKIT - a hired hand
14) [line 45] MI'DIDHU SAFU LEI - they have to feed him their food
15) [line 46] SIMPON - anything that causes a sale, an agreement or a document to be annulled, such as blemishes with regard to a betrothed woman and a receipt with regard to a document of debt

16a) [line 48] D'AVRAI - on the outside of the body
b) [last line] D'GAVAI - on the inside of the body

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