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Kesuvos 23

KESUVOS 21-23 (Seder night, and Chol ha'Moed Pesach) - have been anonymously dedicated by a unique Ohev Torah and Marbitz Torah living in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

1) [line 2] TIRGEMAH - explain it
2) [line 38] SHEVUYASA - captive women (who came with their captors)
3) [line 39] OSIV AVUHA D'SHMUEL NETUREI BAHADAIHU - Avuha d'Shmuel (Shmuel's father) placed guards with them

4) [line 41] "KI'SHEGAGAH SHE'YOTZEI ..." - (Koheles 10:5) This Pasuk is applied to unfortunate occurrences which follow their inadvertent mention

5) [line 42] UKMAN L'SHAVUYINHU ME'AVRAI - they told their captors to stay outside (of the Beis Midrash)

6) [line 44] BENAN D'MORYAN INUN - they are the daughters of a sage who is an instructor of Halachah

7) [line 45] PUK, ITPAL BI'KEROVOSECHA - go out, take care of your relatives (marry one of them)

8) [line 47] EDIM B'TZAD ISTAN V'SE'ASER?! - shall we disqualify her merely because there are witnesses in the north [who have not yet arrived to testify]?!

9) [last line] EDEI TUM'AH - witnesses that she was actually violated and not merely that she was captured


10) [line 30] KOL KEMINAH? - is it in her power [to be believed where there are witnesses]?

11) [line 35] "TAMOS NAFSHI..." - "My life shall die with the Plishtim (Shoftim 16:30); like Shimshon who killed himself along with the Plishtim, this verse is applied to anyone who causes his own demise in order to take others with him

12) [line 42] ORERIN - (lit. protestors) witnesses who testify that he is not a Kohen

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