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Kesuvos 20

KESUVOS 20 (14 Nisan) - The Dafyomi study material for the day of "Hakravas Korban Pesach" has been generously sponsored by an anonymous donor. May we all merit to eat to satiation "from the Zevachim and the Pesachim" -- bi'Meherah!

1) [line 9] BAR SHATYA - (lit. a fool) a person who was at times normal and at times mad or deranged

2) [line 10] SHOTEH - (lit. a fool) a person who is mad or deranged (a) A person is classified as a Shoteh if he regularly, because of madness, destroys or loses that which is given to him, sleeps in a cemetery, goes out alone at night or tears his clothes (Chagigah 3b). According to the RAMBAM (Hilchos Edus 9:9), a person is a Shoteh if he regularly exhibits a form of irrational behavior.
(b) A Shoteh is exempt from performing Mitzvos and is not punished for his transgressions. His purchases and sales are meaningless and are not binding.

3) [line 11] KESHE'HU CHALIM ZAVIN - he sold his properties when he was sane
4) [line 13] CHAZAKAH D'AVHASEI - proof that the properties had once belonged to his father (and he inherited them)

5) [line 21] SHE'KARA ALAV IR'ER - the validity of which was challenged [in court]
6) [line 28] SHOFI - openly; without protest from other parties


7) [line 7] D'RAMA'I A'NAFSHAI V'ADKERI - I [contemplated the event and] caused myself to remember [the details]

8) [line 8] TELULIYOS - mound of earth used as graves

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