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Kesuvos 18

KESUVOS 16-19 - have been anonymously dedicated by a unique Ohev Torah and Marbitz Torah living in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

1) [line 8] V'HE'ECHALTIV PERAS - and I paid him back half of the amount

If a person admits that he owes part of a claim, the Torah suspects that the person wants to temporarily postpone part of the payment but does not have the audacity to completely deny the claim. He is therefore required to take an oath on the part he denies (Shemos 22:8).

3) [line 27] BA'I L'MICHPEREI - he wants to deny it


4) [line 1] BA'I D'LODI LEI - he wants to admit to him [that he owes him all of his claim]

5) [line 2] D'LISHTAMIT LEI - to elude him (i.e. to evade his claim)

6) [line 9] KESAV YADENU HU ZEH (KIYUM SHETAROS) - (lit. this is indeed our handwriting) witnesses are called on to testify about the validity of a legal document by verifying their signatures

7) [line 16] KOL KEMINEI?! - (lit. Is everything from him?) Do they have such power?! Is their claim accepted?!

8) [line 16] KEIVAN SHE'HIGID, SHUV EINO CHOZER U'MAGID - once a witness has testified, he cannot retract and testify again [about the same event]

9) [line 18] EDIM HE'CHASUMIM AL HA'SHETAR, NA'ASEH KEMI SHE'NECHKERAH EDUSAN B'VEIS DIN - a signed legal document has, to some extent, the same validity as the testimony of two witnesses in court

10) [line 24] EIN ADAM MESIM ATZMO RASHA - In capital cases or matters pertaining to verifying one's lineage, a person is not permitted to testify against himself in court

11) [line 27] HA'PEH SHE'ASAR HU HA'PEH SHE'HITIR - (lit. the mouth that forbade is the same mouth that permitted) since we only know that the witnesses' signatures are theirs because of their testimony, we also believe them when they say that they were forced into signing, they were minors or they were disqualified witnesses

12) [line 29] ME'IKARA MEIDAK DAYIK - initially checks out [the matter of the qualification of his witnesses] very well

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