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Kesuvos 12

KESUVOS 11-14 - have been anonymously dedicated by a unique Ohev Torah and Marbitz Torah living in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.

1) [line 19] CHAMIV - his father-in-law
2) [line 19] YEHUDAH - the land of Yehudah, consisting of the lands south of the ancient city of Antipatris, near the modern-day Rosh ha'Ayin

3) [line 26] SHE'YEHEI LIBO GAS BAH - so that she will be familiar to him (by permitting them to be alone together after their betrothal)

4) [line 27] GALIL - the land of Galil, consisting of the modern-day Galil, north of Megido

5) [line 28] SHOSHVININ - the best man and the groomsman appointed by the bride's family

6) [line 29] L'MASHMESH - to verify that both the husband and wife commit no trickery in the matter (e.g. that the husband not hide the sheet that contains evidence of virginal blood and that the wife not bring in blood from another source)

7) [line 42] KOL SHE'LO MUSHMASH - every husband about whom it was not verified that he committed no trickery (e.g. hiding the sheet that contained evidence of virginal blood)


8) [line 2] D'KA PARSHIN MINAIHU - that people would stay away from [and not marry] them

9) [line 4] AHADRINU L'MILSAIHU - they returned the situation to its original state
10) [line 14] ILUYEI KA MA'ALINAN LICH - I am raising you up [to a higher social status]
11) [line 18] NISTACHFAH SADEHU - (lit. his field was washed out) it is your bad Mazal that caused me to be raped

12) [line 22] LO MI'PIHA ANU CHAYIN - (lit. we do not live from her mouth) we do not conduct ourselves according to her words (One of the three pillars of the world is Emes, truth (Avos 1:18). As such, the Mishnah employs the phrase, "We do not live from her words," i.e. we cannot assume that her words are the truth -- TOSFOS REBBI AKIVA EIGER, quoting TALMIDEI RABEINU YONAH, cited in the SHITAH MEKUBETZES. The TIFERES YISRAEL brings the Gemara Sanhedrin 97a, that tells of a place called Kushta, the inhabitants of which live long lives because they never tell lies. The word Kushta also means truth. Accordingly, the Mishnah hints that we will not live long lives because of her words, since she may be lying.)

13) [line 27] BARI V'SHEMA, BARI ADIF - when one litigant's claim is certain and the other litigant's claim is uncertain, the certain claim is favored

14) [line 28] UKI MAMONA B'CHEZKAS MAREI - money is left in the possession of its owner

15) [line 31] MAH TIVO - what is the status [of your fetus] (i.e. of what lineage is his father)?

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