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(a) (Shmuel citing Rebbi): The law is as R. Yosi, that Mili cannot be transferred to another agent.
(b) Question (R. Shimon b'Rebbi, to Rebbi): Why did you rule as R. Yosi - both R. Meir and R. Chanina of Ono argue on him!
(c) Answer (Rebbi): Had you seen R. Yosi, you would understand - he was able to justify everything he said.
1. (Beraisa - Isi ben Yehudah): R. Meir was a Chacham and a scribe; R. Yehudah was a bigger Chacham when he deliberated; R. Tarfon would bring an avalanche of answers to a single question; R. Yishmael was always prepared to teach; R. Akiva was a storehouse of teachings wondrously organized;
2. R. Yochanan ben Nuri was prepared to answer questions from so many different fields; also, R. Eliezer ben Azaryah; the teachings of R. Eliezer ben Yakov are few but clean (wherever his opinion is brought, the law is as him); R. Yosi - his reasoning is with him.
3. R. Shimon - he learned much, and yielded a small amount;
i. R. Shimon: You should follow my teachings - they are refinements of R. Akiva's teachings.
(d) (Rav Huna): A man asked 2 people to ask a scribe to write a Get, and to ask 2 witnesses to sign it - the Get is Kosher, but this should not be done.
(e) Question (Ula): If the Get is Kosher, why shouldn't it be done?
(f) Answer (Rav Nachman): We are concerned lest the wife hire false witnesses (that will ask the scribe and other witnesses to make a Get, claiming that they (themselves) are speaking on behalf of the husband.
(g) Question: But we are not concerned for this!
1. (Beraisa): Witnesses signed on a document of sale or a Get of divorce - Chachamim are not concerned that they are signed falsely!
(h) Answer: Witnesses would not do a false act (signing), but they would say a false matter (that the husband asked them...)
(i) (Rav Chisda, Rav Nachman and Rabah): A man asked 2 people to ask a scribe to write a Get, and they themselves should sign it - it is Kosher, but this should not be done;
(j) (Rabah bar bar Chanah, Rav Sheshes and Rav Yosef): The Get is Kosher; this may be done Lechatchilah.

1. Some versions switch the opinions of Rabah and Rav Yosef.
(a) (Mishnah): A man told 10 people to write a Get...
(b) (Beraisa): A man told 10 people to write a Get and give it to his wife - 1 of them writes it on behalf of all of them;
1. If he asked all of them to write it - 1 writes it in front of all of them.
(c) If he said 'Take this Get to my wife' - 1 of them takes it on behalf of all of them;
1. If he asked all of them to take it - 1 takes it in front of all of them.
(d) Question: What is the law if he counted the people?
(e) Answer #1 (Rav Huna): Counting them is not as saying 'all of you'.
(f) Answer #2 (R. Yochanan): Counting them is as saying 'all of you'.
1. (Rav Papa): They don't argue - 1 speaks when he counted all of them, the other, when he counted only some of them.
2. Some explain Rav Papa's resolution to say that when he counts all of them, this is as saying 'all of you' (since we see that he wants all to sign), if not, not;
3. Others explain just the opposite (if he only counts some - we see, he is insistent that each of the ones he counted sign; if he counts all of them, we have no such indication).
(g) Rav Yehudah enacted: when a man appoints many agents to write a Get, he should say, 'All of you will write, or only 1 of you; all of you will sign, or any 2 of you; all of you will give it, or only 1 of you'.
(h) Objection (Rava): It is possible that a person will intend to say this, but will only say 'all of you', causing the Get to be invalid!
1. Rather, he should say: 'All of you will write, or only 1 of you; all of you will sign, or any 2 of you; all of you will give it, or only 1 of you'.
***** PEREK MI SHE'ACHZU *****


(a) (Mishnah): A man was seized by Kordaikus (an evil spirit) and appointed agents to write a Get for his wife - his words are void;
(b) A man appointed agents to write a Get for his wife, then was seized by Kordaikus, then said that the Get should not be written - his latter words are void.
(c) A man became unable to speak. Others asked him - should we write a Get for your wife? He nodded his head. We test him 3 times - if he answers properly no and yes, we write and give the Get.
(d) (Gemara) Question: What is Kordaikus?
(e) Answer (Shmuel): A sickness caused by drinking wine straight from the winepress.
1. To cure it, one eats lean meat roasted on coals, and drinks diluted wine.
2. (Abaye): To relieve a sunstroke on the first day - one drinks a cup of water; for a 2 day old sunstroke - one lets blood; 3 days old - lean meat roasted on coals and diluted wine;
3. The remedy for an old sunstroke requires a black hen or leeks, and standing in water until he grows weak, and coming up from the water.
4. Lean meat roasted on coals, and diluted wine helps for sunstroke (of 3 days) - fatty meat roasted on coals and undiluted wine helps for chills.
(f) Rav Yosef would turn a mill when he was chilled. Rav Sheshes would carry beams until he sweated - "Work is great, it warms those that do it".
(g) Rav Sheshes would not eat by the Reish Galusa - he explained, this was because of sinful servants in the latter's home.
1. He showed that these servants would rather serve a limb of a living animal than admit to negligence.
(h) Rav Sheshes (who was blind) agreed to eat if he himself would supervise. The servants put in Rav Sheshes' portion a bone which can make one choke; he sensed this and wrapped his portion in his garment.
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