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Gitin 90

GITIN 90 (Siyum!) - sponsored by a generous grant from an anonymous donor. Kollel Iyun Hadaf is indebted to him for his encouragement and support and prays that Hashem will repay him in kind.

1) [line 5] HIKDICHAH TAVSHILO - (O.F. adorser) she burned his food

2) [line 23] KI MESHAMESH B'ARBA LESHONOS - the word "Ki" has four different meanings:

a) [line 24] IY - if; this explanation of Ki also includes Ka'asher (when) and Asher (that)
b) [line 24] DILMA - perhaps
c) [line 24] ELA - rather
d) [line 24] D'HA - because
3) [line 34] "AL TACHAROSH AL RE'ACHA RA'AH, V'HU YOSHEV LA'VETACH ITACH." - "Do not plot evil against your neighbor, seeing as he dwells securely with you." (Mishlei 3:29) - The Gemara interprets this verse as referring to one's wife.

4) [line 36] DE'OS - opinions, mindsets, tastes
5) [line 37] ZEVUV - a fly
6) [line 42] TAMCHUY - a serving tray, plate, or bowl
7) [line 42] MOTZETZO - he sucks it
8) [last line] ROSHAH PARU'A - with her hair undone and exposed


9) [line 1] PERUMAH MI'SHNEI TZEDADEHA - with clothing slit on her two sides (revealing the flesh of her torso at the area where her elbows rest; Rashi)

10) [line 8] "U'SENE'AH HA'ISH HA'ACHARON...V'SHILCHAH MI'BEISO, O KI YAMUS HA'ISH HA'ACHARON..." - "If her second husband hates her...and he sends her away from his household, or if her second husband dies..." (Devarim 24:3)

11) [line 11] "KI SANEI SHALACH" - "For the hated one he sent away" (Malachi 2:16)
12a) [line 12] ZIVUG/ZEVEG RISHON - first marriage
b) [line 13] ZIVUG/ZEVEG SHENI - second marriage (see Insights to Sotah 2a)

13) [line 14] "V'ZOS SHENIS TA'ASU: KASOS DIM'AH ES MIZBACH HASH-M, BECHI VA'ANAKAH, ME'EIN OD PENOS EL HA'MINCHAH VE'LAKACHAS RATZON MI'YEDCHEM. VA'AMARTEM AL MAH, KI HASH-M HE'ID BEINCHA U'VEIN ESHES NE'URECHA, ASHER ATAH BAGADETAH BAH, VE'HI CHAVERTECHA VE'ESHES BRISECHA!" - "And this, moreover, are you doing: You cover with tears the altar of HaSh-m, weeping and sighing, so that He does not anymore turn towards the offering and receive it willingly from your hands. And you say, for what reason? -It is because HaSh-m testified between you and between the wife of your youth, that you have rebelled against her, and yet she is your companion and the wife of your covenant!" (Malachi 2:13-14)



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