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Gitin 3

GITIN 3 - dedicated by Marcia and Lee Weinblatt to the merit of Mr. and Mrs. Israel and Gisela Turkel (Yisroel Shimon ben Reb Shlomo ha'Levy, Golda bas Reb Chaim Yitzchak Ozer), of blessed memory.

1) [line 1] MISHUM IGUNA AKILU BAH RABANAN - because of the concern for a woman who might become an Agunah (if she does not receive a proper Get from her husband), the Rabanan were lenient

2) [line 3] ME'AR'ER - he challenges the validity of the Get
3) [line 6] ME'IKARA MEIDAK DAYIK - originally [when he accepts upon himself to deliver the Get] the messenger scrutinizes [to make sure that the husband wants to divorce his wife, and that the Get was therefore written correctly]

4) [line 7] L'ORO'EI NAFSHEI - to ruin himself (his reputation)
5) [line 15] EDIM HE'CHASUMIM AL HA'SHETAR, NA'ASEH KEMI SHE'NECHKERAH EDUSAN B'VEIS DIN - a legal document signed by two witness has (to some extent) the same validity as the testimony of two witnesses in court

6a) [line 26] IY MAFSHAH LEI DIBURA - if you give him a lot to say
b) [line 27] ASI L'MIGAZYEI - he will come to cut if off, to omit something that he was supposed to say

7) [line 35] BA'AL DAVAR - the person to whom the document relates, i.e. the woman who is being divorced and the creditor who wants the bill of debt validated


8) [line 15] NECHASIM MESHU'ABADIM - mortgaged property, land which has been mortgaged to a debt

9) [line 17] TIKUN HA'OLAM - "for the well-being of the world;" although a Get (or Shtar) is valid without the signatures of the witnesses according to Rebbi Elazar, it was instituted that the witnesses sign the Get (or Shtar) for the sake of "the well-being of the world," of all those who receive such legal documents, so that in case the witnesses who testified to the event have died, their signatures (which are recognized by other witnesses) will remain as testimony to the event.

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