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Eruvin 105


(a) If Tum'ah was discovered inside the Heichal, were Levi'im and Yisraelim permitted in to remove it?

(b) Who was not permitted to enter even for the purpose of removing Tum'ah?

(a) How did Rav Kahana explain the Pasuk in Acharei Mos "*Ach* el ha'Poroches Lo Yavo"?

(b) What title did that earn him?

(c) They asked a Sha'aleh whether, if there was a choice, should they allow a Kohen who is Tamei to go into the Mikdash (if necessary), or a Kohen with a blemish.
What are the two sides of the Sha'aleh?

(a) 'Rebbi Shimon Omer, Makom she'Hitiru Lecha Chachamim, Mishelecha Nasnu Lecha; she'Lo Hitiru Lecha Ela Mishum Shevus'. Rebbi Shimon is explaining why he was lenient in another area of Eruv.
Which area, and what *was* his reason for being lenient there?

(b) But he is strict with regard to tying the string of a harp which broke (above 102b).
What does he hold there, and what is his reason for *that*?

***** Hadran Alach, ha'Motze Tefilin, u'Selika Lah Maseches Eruvin*****

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