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Eruvin 74


(a) Rav holds that one may only carry in a Mavoy through a Lechi or a Koreh if it has at least two Chatzeros that open into it.
What does Rav do with the Beraisa quoted above that permits a Mavoy which has only one Chatzer, in which only one man and his son live.

(b) Do the two Chatzeros need to flank the Mavoy, one on either side, or may they be situated on the same side of the street?

(c) In which case will a Mavoy not be rectifiable by a Lechi or Koreh - even even though it has two Chatzeros each of which has two houses leading into it?

(a) According to Shmuel, the Mavoy is rectifiable even with one Chatzer plus one house.
What does Rebbi Yochanan hold?

(b) Will the Mavoy be rectifiable according to Rebbi Yochanan, if a pathway through a vineyard, instead of the ruin, leads into the Mavoy?

(a) Rav rules like Rebbi Shimon in the Mishnah in 'ha'Motze Tefilin', who permits carrying from one Chatzer to another, or to a rooftop or to an enclosure, without an Eruv, because they are considered one Reshus.
Then what is the point of making an Eruv between two Chatzeros?

(b) But if the Chatzeros made individual Eruvin, says Rav, then we will not rule like Rebbi Shimon?
Why not?

(c) Rebbi Yochanan rules like Rebbi Shimon even when they *did*.
What is the connection between *this* ruling and his previous one, permitting even a Mavoy plus a ruin?

(a) What problem did Rav Elazar Bar Bei Rav have with Shmuel's ruling, permitting a Mavoy with one Chatzer plus one house from our Mishnah 'she'ha'Mavoy la'Chatzeros, ke'Chatzer le'Batim'?

(b) What did Shmuel do with the Mavoy where Eivus bar Ihi lived?

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(a) What did Rav Anan do after Shmuel's death?

(b) What reason do we initially ascribe to Rav Anan's action, and what does it prove from here?

(c) At the end of the day, why *did* Shmuel permit the Mavoy?

(a) And why did Rav Anan knock the Lechi down?

(b) Why did Eivus bar Ihi protest when Rav Anan took down the Lechi from his Mavoy? What did *he* think was Shmuel's reason for putting it up?

(a) Rav Yehudah quoting Rav, forbids making an Eruv in a Mavoy that is flanked by a Jew on one side and a gentile on the other?
With whom is he making an Eruv, and where do they wish to carry?

(b) If Rav's Din was confined to a Mavoy (but not a Chatzer that is shared by a Jew and a gentile), what would be his reason for forbidding it?

(c) In that case, why does he need to repeat it here, seeing as he has already taught this concept above?

(d) So why does he need to teach it there?

(a) Rav Yosef however, maintains that Rav's Din extends even to a Chatzer (which is why he needed to repeat it).
What is then his reason for forbidding it?

(b) Why did Rebbi Tivla mention 'Akum' twice?

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