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(a) Rabah has just explained that, in the case of a moving ship, due to Rebbi Zeira's argument ('Ho'il u'Sefinah Notlaso mi'Techilas Arba' ...), all the Tana'im agree that one is permitted to walk the entire ship.
What proof is there from the wording of the Tana in Rebbi Yehoshua and Rebbi Akiva's opinion in our Mishnah, that this is the case?

(b) What second proof does the Gemara bring from the case of a man deposited in an enclosure, which the Mishnah brings together with that of the boat?

(a) Why was the Gemara surprised at Rav Acha Brei de'Rava, who ruled like Raban Gamliel in the case of the boat?

(b) What was the questioner's mistake (according to the Maharshal's text in Rashi)?

(a) What are the two ways of understanding the Sha'aleh whether Techumin applies above teSn Tefachim or not - with regard to dry land?

(b) Alternatively, the Sha'aleh pertains to traveling on water.
What proof does the Gemara attempt to bring from Rebbi Yehoshua and Rebbi Akiva in our Mishnah?

(c) Why is there in fact, no proof from there?

(d) Seven Chidushim were said one Shabbos morning in front of Rav Chisda in Sura, and again in the afternoon in Pumbedisa in front of Rabah (which was well outside the Techum Shabbos of Sura). Is there a proof from here that there is no Techum above ten Tefachim - since it is only Eliyahu ha'Navi who could have flown there in such a short space of time?

(a) What proof does the Gemara attempt to bring from the Beraisa, which permits a man who undertakes to be a Nazir on the day that Mashi'ach comes, to drink wine on Shabbos?

(b) On what grounds does the Gemara reject the suggestion that Heter to drink wine on Shabbos and Yom-Tov is due to the fact that, since Eliyahu had not arrived on Friday, Mashi'ach could not arrive on Shabbos?

(c) So why is he not permitted to drink wine every day for that reason?

(d) Then why, is he permitted to drink wine on Shabbos and Yom-Tov?

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(a) Why is the 'Nazir' forbidden to drink wine on Friday; surely, if Eliyahu cannot come on Friday, neither can Mashi'ach?

(b) Do we have a proof that there is no Techumin above ten Tefachim, because otherwise, why is the 'Nazir' forbidden to drink wine on Sunday, seeing as Eliyahu cannot have arrived on Shabbos (because of the Isur Techumin)?

(a) Why are we forced to say that the 'Nazir' made his vow on Shabbos or Yom-Tov?

(b) How do we now explain the words 'Mutar Lishtos Yayin be'Shabasos u've'Yamim-Tovim?

(a) How did Raban Gamliel in our Mishnah know exactly where the Techum Shabbos ended?

(b) How does one measure ...

  1. ... the height of a date-palm, using this method, if one is afraid to climb it and measure it from the top?
  2. ... the depth of a valley?
(a) What would one do to prevent wild animals from resting in the shade of an earth Matzevah (monument) that is placed over a dead person?

(b) Why would one gauge the distance specifically at four hours in the day?

(c) Why was this necessary? What harm could the beast do by merely resting in the shade?

(a) Rav Nechemyah, Rav Nachman's disciple, was so engrossed in his studies one Shabbos, that he walked straight outside the Techum Shabbos.
What did Rav Nachman do, to allow him to re-enter the Techum?

(b) What bothered Rav Chisda (who was the one to inform Rav Nachman of Rav Nechemyah's plight)? Was it because he was uncertain whether the Halachah is like Raban Gamliel in our Mishnah (that someone who is taken outside the Techum by force [be'Ones] is permitted to traverse the entire area of the enclosure where he was placed)? If not, then what was the Sha'aleh?

(c) What is the proof for this from the wording of Rav Nachman's response?

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