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(a) When Rebbi Eliezer told his Talmid, Rebbi Yossi ben Pereida, to add a second Lechi to the Mavoy in which he was sitting, he replied 've'Chi Lesosmo Ani Tzarich'?
What does the Gemara try to prove from his reply?

(b) How does the Gemara parry that proof? What else may Rebbi Yossi ben Pereida have meant?

(c) What was Rebbi Eliezer's reply?

(a) In the same Beraisa, Raban Shimon ben Gamliel says that Beis Shamai and Beis Hillel agree that a Mavoy less than four Amos wide does not require any Tikun at all.
What does he really mean to say?

(b) What is the minimum width for a Mavoy to require a Tikun?

(c) Rav Nachman rules like Rebbi Eliezer that a Chatzer requires two Chatzer . According to Rav Sheshes, the Chachamim agree with Rebbi Eliezer by the Pasim of a Chatzer.
Who is meant by the Chachamim, and why did Rav Nachman then need to rule like Rebbi Eliezer?

(a) Rebbi Yochanan rules like Rebbi Eliezer and Rebbi (that a Chatzer requires two Lechayim). He also says that Pasei Chatzer need to be four Tefachim.
Why can we not combine the two statements by simply saying that, for a Chatzer, Rebbi Yochanan requires two Pasim of four Tefachim?

(b) How did Rebbi Zeira resolve Rebbi Yochanan's two statements when he came in sea?

(c) How does this conform with the Beraisa 'Ketanah be'Eser, Gedolah be'Achas-Esrei'?

(a) In which case does Rav Yehudah quoting Shmuel, permit a Chatzer with *one* plank?

(b) What does a regular Chatzer require, according to him?

(c) Which other leniency do Chazal permit by water?

(a) The Gemara establishes Shmuel, permits a Chatzer with Rov Dofen standing, when the wall was only seven Tefachim, in which case, Rov Dofen *is* four Tefachim. How does the Gemara try to refute this suggestion (with a statement by Rav Achli)?

(b) Besides answering that Rav Achli himself is a Machlokes Tana'im, what other answer does the Gemara give (to differentiate between a Chatzer and a Mavoy)?

(a) If sea-water enters a Chatzer via a breach in the wall, how wide may the breach be for no Tikun to be required?

(b) What sort of Tikun is necessary if the breach is more than ten Amos, and what does it come to permit?

(c) Why is carrying in this Chatzer is permitted.
Is it not a Reshus ha'Yachid which opens into a Karmelis?

(d) Does the above apply even to a Chatzer whose wall is *completely* broken?

Answers to questions



(a) Why does Rav Yehudah say that someone who throws from a Reshus ha'Rabim into a Mavoy with a Lechi, is Chayav, but Patur if it has a Koreh?

(b) At this stage, what do we think constitutes a Reshus ha'Yachid according to Rav Yehudah? How many walls does it require?

(c) Rav Yehudah describes the Mavoy as one 'she'Lo Nishtatfu Bah'.
What can we deduce from this, and what problem does this present Rav Sheshes with?

(d) Why did Chazal forbid carrying from a house flanking a public Chatzer into the Chatzer?

(a) How does Rav Sheshes amend the words 'she'Lo Nishtatfu Bo'?

(b) How many walls does a Reshus ha'Yachid need according to Rav Yehudah, now?

(c) Rav Yehudah holds 'Lechi Mishum Mechitzah, Koreh Mishum Heker.
What is Rava's opinion in this matter?

(d) How does Rava explain the Beraisa 'ha'Zorek le'Mavoy, Yesh Lo Lechi, Chayav, Ein Lo Lechi, Patur (implying 'Lechi Mishum Mechitzah')?

(a) According to Rebbi Yehudah, how would someone who owned a house on either side of the street, be able to rectify that section of road?

(b) Why is this a Kashya on Rava - even Rabbanan?

(c) What does the Gemara answer?

(d) We have already learnt that a square Mavoy has the Din of a Chatzer.
What Tikun is required to carry inside it, according to Rav Nachman? What mistake did Rebbi Zeira make in this regard?

(a) Is a circular Mavuy permitted by means of a Lechi or Koreh?

(b) Shmuel thought that the length of a Mavoy must be at least double its width, if it is to be permitted by a Lechi or a Koreh.
What did Rav tell him - quoting his uncle?

(c) What was the name of his uncle?

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