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Eruvin 95


QUESTION: Abaye and Rava argue concerning the status of an Achsadrah on which Sechach was placed. Rashi (93a) explains that the Achsadrah has two walls. In order to by a valid Sukah, there must be at least three walls. Abaye says that we apply the principle of Pi Tikrah Yored v'Sosem, and thus this structure is a valid Sukah. Rava says that we do not apply the principle of Pi Tikrah here. The Gemara suggests that the argument of Abaye and Rava is the same as that of Rav and Shmuel, who argue about the principle of Pi Tikrah.

How can the Gemara suggest that the argument between Abaye and Rava is connected to the argument between Rav and Shmuel? In the case over which they argue there are already two walls, and, according to Rashi, whenever there is at least one wall, Shmuel agrees that Pi Tikrah works!

ANSWERS: (a) The RITVA explains as follows. The Gemara eventually concludes that it is less likely for Pi Tikrah to work for an Achsadrah with Sechach on top, because the boards on top of the Achsadrah were not made l'Shem Sukah. Even though the Sukah does not have to be made Lishmah, *Pi Tikrah* will not be applicable unless the boards were at least placed there l'Shem Sukah. The Ritva suggests that the Gemara knew all along that Pi Tikrah does not apply when the boards were not placed there l'Shem Sukah. Therefore even if there are already two Mechitzos, the opinion (Shmuel) who says that Pi Tikrah does not work when there are no Mechitzos will maintain here that Pi Tikrah does not work. However, the Gemara thought that the opinions (Rav) who apply the rule of Pi Tikrah even without any Mechitzos, would apply Pi Tikrah even when the Mechitzos were not made l'Shem Sukah at all.


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