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Eruvin 19

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QUESTION: Rebbi Yehudah maintains that Pasei Bira'os do not permit carrying in an area larger than Beis Se'asayim. The Rabanan asked him why, then, is it permitted to carry in an animal corral, storehouse, or courtyard that is larger than Beis Se'asayim. Rebbi Yehudah answered that Pasei Bira'os do not have the power of regular Mechitzos. Regular Mechitzos do not have gaps of 10 Amos wide, while Pasei Bira'os have gaps between them of up to 13 1/3 Amos.

How can the Gemara say that according to Rebbi Yehudah, only a 10 Amah wide gap is permitted in a regular Mechitzah? The Gemara on 2b and 11a said that according to Rebbi Yehudah, a Korah permits carrying in a Mavoy even if the gap is *wider* than 10 Amos; even though it is wider than 10 Amos, it is still considered a regular Mechitzah and makes a Reshus ha'Yachid!

Furthermore, the Gemara earlier (6b) said that Rebbi Yehudah permits carrying in an area which was a Reshus ha'Rabim -- which is *16* Amos wide - - if there is a wall of a house on each side of the Reshus ha'Rabim and he sets up a Lechi or Korah at each end! We see from there that a breach even wider than 10 Amos is considered to be closed according to Rebbi Yehudah.

ANSWER: The RASHBA answers that Rebbi Yehudah considers a breach more than ten Amos wide to be an entranceway only when there are at least *two full* Mechitzos. If there are no full Mechitzos, as in the case of Pasei Bira'os, a breach of more than 10 Amos on three sides (i.e. more than two sides) is not considered an entranceway mid'Oraisa and is considered a Reshus ha'Rabim. (Apparently, it is not the normal manner to make wide entranceways on three sides of a house.)

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