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Eruvin 104

1) [line 6] BOZKIN MELACH - it is permitted to crush salt and scatter it
2) [line 7] KEVESH - the ramp of the Mizbe'ach
3) [line 7] SHE'LO YACHALIKU - that they should not slip
4) [line 8] GALGAL - (a) (O.F. torn) a wheel used to raise water from a well by means of a bucket attached to a rope (RASHI); (b) a water wheel (which has buckets attached to it) (TOSFOS)

5) [line 13] MERADEH BAH - and he flattens it down in the courtyard
*6*) [line 25] V'HA'TANYA, K'SHE'HU MERADAH - that is, Rava did not specify *how* one flattens the hay, intimating that it makes no difference how. Yet the Beraisa tells us that it must be done in a specific manner, unlike Rava.

7) [line 27] AMORA - a Meturgeman, the one who expounds in a loud voice what the Chacham says in a low voice

8) [line 32] TARAF A'BAVA - he knocked on the door
9) [line 33] LISCHAL GUFEI - his body should be desecrated
10) [line 33] KA MACHIL LEI L'SHABATA - he is profaning Shabbos (by producing a sound)

11) [line 35] MA'ALIN B'DIYUFEI - it is permitted to draw liquids with a siphon
12) [line 35] METIFIN ME'ARAK - it is permitted to let water drip from an Arak, a perforated vessel which drips water, to produce a sound

13) [line 36] D'NIM - he is sleeping
14) [line 37] ZAMZUMEI - (O.F. cenbes) cymbals or bells that are played lightly
15) [line 38] DELA'AV - his gourds
16a) [line 39] LO YESAPEK - [as long as] he does not clap his hands
b) [line 39] LO YETAPE'ACH - and does not bang his hands on his chest or legs
c) [line 39] YERAKED - and does not dance up and down
17) [line 48] L'MIMLA B'GILGELA - to draw water using a wheel


18) [line 1] TARU BAH KISNA - they soak flax in it (during the week); [alt. BUNSA - spelt]

19) [line 2] SHE'HIKRU ALEHA DEVARIM - that they taught about it teachings
20) [line 6] "KEHA'KIR BAYIR ..." - "As a well keeps its water fresh, so she keeps fresh her wickedness. Violence and spoil, grief and wounds is heard in her before Me continually." (Yirmeyahu 6:7)

*21*) [line 9] V'LO NEVI'IM SHE'BEINEIHEN - that is, the prophets did not permit it through the medium of *prophesy*. Rather, they *testified* that it had already been permitted to use it during previous generations. (HAGAHOS DIKDUKEI SOFRIM notes that the Girsa of the Saloniki printing of the Shas is, "not *only* did the prophets permit it, but *also* Minhag Avoseihem....")

22) [line 12] HEMYEINO - his belt
23) [line 13] TZEVAS - a pair of tongs
24) [line 18] PESACHTER - a large pot
25) [line 30] APUSHEI TUM'AH - increasing the amount of Tum'ah

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