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Eruvin 103

1) [line 6] MESHALSHEL MI'L'MATAH V'CHORECH MI'L'MA'ALAH - [the strings were long enough so that the Levi could] let out the excess string from the lower peg until it reached the upper peg, and wind it there

2) [line 11] YABELES - (O.F. verrue) a wart
3) [line 12] (HIRKIVO) [HARKAVASO] - carrying the Korban Pesach on one's shoulder in Reshus ha'Rabim (when it is still alive)

4) [line 17] IFRUCHEI IFRECHA - is brittle; crumbles off (and does not need to be cut)

5) [line 29] MESHALSHELIN ES HA'PESACH LA'TANUR - it is permitted the lower the Korban Pesach into an oven

6) [line 32] BENEI CHABURAH ZERIZIN HEN - the group of people who eat the Korban Pesach together are very meticulous and can be relied upon not to profane Shabbos


7) [line 10] ATZILEI YADAV - his elbows
8) [line 19] GEMI - a reed-grass or bulrush
9) [line 22] TZILTZUL KATAN - (O.F. bendel) a small fine belt or band which may be used as a bandage

10) [line 28] NIMA - a detached hair
11) [line 29] SHALOS AL SHALOS - three Etzba'os by three Etzba'os

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