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Eruvin 98

1) [line 9] HA'NIDRESES - that is trampled upon by many people
*2*) [line 12] V'IY AMART B'ISKUFAH NIDRESES ASKINAN - (This same question may be asked on the opinion of Rav Yehudah, who says that the Reisha of the Mishnah follows the ruling of Rebbi Shimon -- TOSFOS DH v'Iy)

3) [line 23] DERECH ALAV - (a) he passed it *over* himself, above ten Tefachim from the ground of Reshus ha'Rabim, which is a Mekom Petur (RASHI); (b) he passed it *in front of* himself, from his right hand to his left. We might have assumed that at the point where he is holding the object in front of himself, it is considered at rest, since most objects are held in this fashion.

4) [line 26] IYUNEI ME'AYEN BEHU - people study them intently, [and will pause for some time on the threshold]


5) [line 13] ZIZ - a protruding piece of wood or stone (which is four Tefachim wide and ten Tefachim above the ground); a ledge

6) [line 21] KITONIYOS - flasks
7) [line 22] TZELOCHIYOS - bottles with a wide belly and a narrow neck
8) [line 22] MISHTAMESH B'CHOL HA'KOSEL - (a) he may use the ledge for the entire length of the wall (RASHI); (b) he may use all of the cavities in the wall (TOSFOS)

9) [line 35] V'YASHTIN - and urinate
10) [line 36] LO YAROK - he may not spit
11) [line 37] MI'SHE'NITLASH RUKO B'FIV - from when his saliva has gathered together in his mouth to be spit out

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