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Eruvin 85

ERUVIN 85 - has been sponsored by
Rabbi and Mrs. Eli Turkel of Ra'anana, Israel

1) [line 4] KANYA - a reed (which is even less visible)
2) [line 6] EIN ADAM OSER AL CHAVEIRO DERECH AVIR - a person's use of the airspace of one domain does not prohibit someone else from using that domain on Shabbos (it is not considered a shared domain). This means that one's use of the airspace (that is, a "horizontal" use of the area, such as throwing into the area or passing into it a distance of four Tefachim or more, as opposed to a purely "vertical use" such as lifting something up or placing something down) is not considered a significant enough usage to prohibit others from using that area.

3) [line 12] APIK - that he stuck out a piece of wood


4a) [line 3] ACHVI LI USHPIZEI - show me his inn
b) [line 3] ACHAVEI LEI - he showed it to him
5a) [line 7] K'SHURAH - (a) like a (straight) line, row; (b) According to the Girsa of the Oxford manuscript, KI KESHURAH, like a beam
b) [line 7] K'CHATZUVAH - like [the points made by the feet of] a tripod (like a "Segol")

6a) [line 19] D'MADLEI CHAD - that one house is higher
b) [line 20] U'METATEI CHAD - and one house is lower
7) [line 20] MIGANDAR V'NAFIL - roll and fall
8) [line 20] V'ASI L'ASUYEI - and he might retrieve it from Reshush ha'Rabim and carry it into his house, transgressing the Melachah of Hotza'ah

9a) [line 21] BEIS SHA'AR - a gateway that may be enclosed by walls on all four sides and covered by a roof (MISHNAH BERURAH 370:1)
b) [line 22] ACHSADRAH - an area that is covered by a roof and is enclosed on three of its sides (TOSFOS 25a DH Achsadrah b'Vik'ah)
c) [line 22] MIRPESES - a common balcony by which the residents of a second story go down to the courtyard and out to Reshus ha'Rabim

10) [line 23] BEIS HA'TEVEN - a storage house for straw
11) [line 26] TEFISAS YAD - authority, possession (with the connotation of occupancy)
12) [line 39] KADASH ALEIHEN HA'YOM - Shabbos came in
13) [last line] PENU MAKOM - make room

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