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Eruvin 84

1) [line 1] BENEI ALIYAH - people that live in an upper story that is higher than the balcony

2) [line 1] KA'SALKEI B'MIRPESES - they go up to the upper story by way of the balcony

*3*) [line 16] BOR, MAI IKA L'MEIMAR? - see Insights
4) [line 18] V'HA CHASARA? - but the level of the water goes down as water is removed (and is therefore used by the people of the balcony through Shilshul, not k'Pesach)!?

5) [line 22] B'TIVLA - we are dealing with a pit full of Tevel (produce that has not been tithed) which is Muktzah, and cannot be moved


6) [line 1] GEZUZTERA'OS - balconies
7) [last line] KUMSA V'SUDRA - a hat and a scarf

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