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Eruvin 80

ERUVIN 80 - sponsored by the Jesselson Foundation

1) [line 2] L'SHICHRA - for the making of beer
2) [line 2] BEI NITZREFEI - a house of idol worship
3) [line 6] GEROGEROS - dried figs
4) [line 27] AKIF V'ZIL L'SULMA D'TZUR - (a) go around (make a detour) and travel on the highway of Tyre (RASHI); (b) go to the Ladder of Tyre, Scala Tyriorum, a promontory south of Tyre on the southern coast of Lebanon (RASHI 64b; this is also evident from the Gemara on Daf 22b)

5) [line 28] BA'A MINEI - Rebbi Ya'akov, the son of the daughter of Rebbi Ya'akov asked Rebbi Ya'akov Bar Idi

(a) Although the Torah prohibits cooking and doing Melachah on Yom Tov *for a weekday*, when Yom Tov falls on Erev Shabbos, it is permitted mid'Oraisa to cook and to perform Melachos on Yom Tov *for Shabbos* (Pesachim 46b). The Rabanan, however, prohibited these Melachos unless an Eruv Tavshilin is made on Erev Yom Tov.
(b) The Amora'im argue as to the reason why the Rabanan prohibited doing Melachos for Shabbos without an Eruv Tavshilin (Beitzah 16b). Some hold that it is to honor the Shabbos, by serving as a reminder that one should save food for the Shabbos meals. Others feel that it is meant to honor the Yom Tov, so that one should say, "It is prohibited to cook on Yom Tov even for Shabbos (without an Eruv Tavshilin), all the more so on Yom Tov for a weekday."
(c) An Eruv Tavshilin is made as follows: a k'Zayis of cooked food (Beitzah ibid.) is set aside on Erev Yom Tov to be eaten on Shabbos. When setting it aside, one says, "Through this Eruv we shall be able to bake, cook and do other necessary preparations on Yom Tov for Shabbos," after reciting the appropriate blessing.

7) [line 38] TURZINA - the sheriff in charge of the city's weapons
*8*) [line 49] NOTLIN SHITUFAN MIMENU BE'AL KORCHO - that is, they make take food for a Shituf without the owner's permission, but *with* the permission of his wife (TOSFOS)

*9*) [line 49] SHE'EIN RAGIL, LO - that is, they may not take the Shituf against his will if he does not have Derisas ha'Regel on the other Mavoy (i.e. he does not have to walk through it to get to Reshus ha'Rabim), since if he is left out of the Shituf it will not prohibit others from carrying in the Mavoy.


10) [line 10] K'GROGERES - the size of a dry fig
11) [line 20] NISMATMET - it has entirely diminished

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