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Eruvin 72

1) [line 10] TERAKLIN - a large dining room, reception room
2) [line 15] MESIFAS - (a) a low partition made of pieces of wood (RASHI); (b) a hollow wall with windows (ARUCH)

*3*) [line 19] MECHITZOS HA'MAGI'OS LA'TIKRAH - that is, *non-permanent* partitions, such as curtains, which do not reach the ceiling. (TOSFOS DH b'Mechitzos). Alternatively, partitions which were added after the building was built, and which were not part of the original building (RASHI 72b DH Chadarim)


4) [line 1] REBBI YEHUDA HA'SABAR - Rebbi Yehudah, the Analytical (The scholar with great reasoning)

5) [line 44] B'MEKABLEI PRAS SHANU - the Mishnah, which mentions brothers eating at their father's table who sleep in their own homes, is referring to brothers who also eat in their own homes. It is therefore not a proof that "Makom Lina Gorem."

6a) [line 45] BEIS SHA'AR - an gateway that may be enclosed by walls on all four sides and covered by a roof (MISHNAH BERURAH 370:1)
b) [line 45] ACHSADRAH - an area that is covered by a roof and is enclosed on three of its sides (TOSFOS 25a DH Achsadrah b'Vik'ah)
c) [line 45] MIRPESES - a common balcony by which the residents of a second story go down to the courtyard and out to Reshus ha'Rabim

7) [line 46] BEIS HA'TEVEN - a storage house for straw
8) [line 51] USHA - a city in the Galilee

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