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Eruvin 69

1) [line 20] GILUY PANIM - an arrogant person
2) [line 24] CHUMARTA D'MEDUSHA - (a) a signet ring; (b) a type of fragrant spice or herb that is tied up in a knot and worn around the neck

3) [line 25] KASYEI - he covered it
4) [line 28] CHASHUD L'DAVAR ECHAD, CHASHUD L'CHOL HA'TORAH KULAH - if a person has been proven to disregard a certain commandment, the Tana'im argue as to whether we can rely on his integrity regarding other Mitzvos. Rebbi Meir holds that if he does not observe a particular Mitzvah, we cannot rely on him in other matters. We treat him like a person who has rejected the entire Torah.


5) [line 2] LITEN RESHUS UL'VATEL RESHUS - a person who publicly desecrates Shabbos has the status of a Mumar such that he cannot Mevatel his Reshus without making a legally binding transfer of property or rental

6) [line 15] HA'MENASECH YAYIN - a person who pours wine as a libation to Avodah Zarah
7) [line 32] IY D'VATIL - if he annulled his domain

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