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Eruvin 68

1) [line 8] MAR, LAV ORCHEI - it is not respectable for Rabah to collect the bread for the Shituf

2) [line 8] ANA, TARIDNA B'GIRSA'I - I am too busy reviewing my Torah- learning
3) [line 9] INHU, LO MASHGECHEI - The other inhabitants of our courtyard do not care to make an Eruv Chatzeiros

4) [line 9] V'IY AKNI LEHU PITA B'SALA - and if I transfer ownership of a loaf of bread that is in my basket to the residents of the Mavoy

5) [line 13] REVI'ASA D'CHALA - a Revi'is of vinegar, a quarter of a Log, approximately 2 1/2 ounces

6) [line 14] OTZAR - food that has been stored away
7) [line 26] TUNBA B'ALMA HU D'NAKAT LAH - it is merely stupor that that seized her (and she does not realize what she is eating);[O.F. estordison - dazing of the mind]

8) [line 28] PANU LI MANEI - remove my utensils for me


(a) In the event that the inhabitants of a courtyard did not set an Eruv Chatzeiros before Shabbos, carrying may still be permitted if *Bitul Reshuyos* is done. This is accomplished as follows: If none of the people in the courtyard made an Eruv, all of the inhabitants of the courtyard may nullify their domains in favor of one of the inhabitants. All of the houses/courtyards in the area are considered the private domain of the person chosen. If some of those in the courtyard made an Eruv together, those who did not may nullify their domains in favor of the collective domain of those who made an Eruv.
(b) Bitul Reshuyos may be done as long as the following conditions are met:

(1) The nullification must be done only in favor of a *single* person or a collective party who made an Eruv together; (2) those who nullified their domains may not transfer objects from their houses to the courtyard or vice versa. Bitul Reshuyos only permits carrying in the courtyard and from the courtyard to the house of the person/s chosen, Eruvin 69b. (According to some Tana'im, the *other residents* of the courtyard may carry from the house of the Mevatel to the courtyard as well, Eruvin 26b). If one of the houseowners who nullified their domains transfers from his house to the courtyard or vice versa, it constitutes a repeal of the nullification. It becomes once again prohibited to carry in the courtyard. (Eruvin 26a and RASHI DH Anshei Chatzer)
(c) The Amora'im argue as to whether Bitul Reshuyos may be done succesively. That is, may Bitul which was done on Shabbos in favor of one party be transferred, later on that same Shabbos, to another party.

10) [line 11] K'CHUCHA V'ITLULA - like a subject of derision and a matter of jest

11) [line 43] TZEDUKI/BAISUSI
The Tzedukim and Beitusim were students of Tzadok and Beitus who rejected the Oral Torah (Avos d'Rebbi Nasan 5:2).

12) [line 48] HA'TO'EV HA'ZEH - this abominating thing (the Tzeduki)
13) [last line] D'CHI MAFKEI INHU, V'HADAR MAPIK IHU - that when the people of the courtyard first carry out objects into the Mavoy, and afterwards the Tzeduki carries objects out of his courtyard into the Mavoy

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