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Eruvin 66

ERUVIN 66 - was generously dedicated by an anonymous donor in Los Angeles.

1) [line 1] TAHU BAH - they wondered about Rebbi Yochanan's ruling and contemplated it


*2*) [line 1] U'KETANI OSRIN V'EIN ME'ARVIN, EIN MEVATLIN - that is, it is not permitted to rent from the non-Jew on Shabbos when he arrives in the Chatzer on Shabbos, but not for the reason suggested earlier (65b) by Rebbi Asi. It is not that *Sechirus* cannot be done on Shabbos ("Socher k'Me'arev"), but that Bitul (which is necessary *besides* the Sechirus) cannot be done, since Bitul works only when there was an option to make an Eruv in the Chatzer at the beginning of Shabbos.

*3*) [line 37] LEISA L'ERUVAIHU GABAIHU - that is, since the Eruv is not in the inner courtyard, closing the gate between them and the outer one is not an option, and will not allow the people of the inner courtyard to carry (see Chart)

*4*) [line 39] IKA PENIMIS D'ASRAH ALAIHU - that is, the people of the outer courtyard do not have the option of "closing the gate" between the two courtyards and saying, "We only joined you in our Eruv for our mutual benefit, and not to cause us harm," since they had *no choice* but to make a joint Eruv. The people of the inner courtyard trample through the outer courtyard on the way to Reshus ha'Rabim, making them bonafide residents of the outer courtyard for all purposes, and the outer courtyard cannot make an Eruv without them. (See Insights)

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