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Eruvin 60

ERUVIN 60 - Dedicated by Gerald (Gedalia) Ziering of New Rochelle in honor of his son, David Ephraim, who studied this year in Yeshivat Sha'arei Yerushalayim of Yerushalayim.

1) [line 5] MEGUFEFES AD ESER AMOS - it is entirely enclosed except for a space of ten Amos

2) [line 6] ISTALUKEI ISTALUK (LEI) LEHU ME'HACHAH - they removed themselves from this Chatzer

3) [line 8] SHE'RETZAFAH B'SULAMOS - that was lined with ladders placed next to each other

4) [line 10] B'MA'ATZARTA - wine-press
5) [line 17] BENEI KAKUNA'EI - the people from Kurkunia, a city in Bavel
6) [line 18] D'LI'ARAV LAN MASIN - to make an Eruv Chatzeiros for our city
7) [line 18] V'CHAZI D'LO METZAVCHA ALAH B'VEI MIDRASHA - and make sure that the people in the Beis Midrash do not shout about it (that it is not proper)

8) [line 21] I'AVUD LEHU KAVEI - I will make for them windows (that open onto the city)

9) [line 22] LO BA'I - I do not have to
10) [line 23] ARSEYASA ARSEYASA - by neighborhoods
11) [line 23] MISHUM PEIRA D'VEI TOREI - because of the intervening ditches where date pits were stored as food for oxen

12) [line 26] BEI TIVNA - a storehouse for straw
13) [line 30] V'HI HAYESAH SHIYUR - it itself was used as a Shiyur and was left out of the Eruv of a neighboring large city

14) [line 32] GEDOLAH NAMI HAVYA SHIYUR LA'KETENAH - the large city is also a Shiyur for the small city of Chadashah

15a) [line 36] GEMARA - a tradition
b) [line 36] SEVARA - a logical assumption
16) [line 37] GEMARA GEMOR, ZEMORTA TEHEI - do you, Rav Yosef, tell us to only say over what we learn (whether it is correct or not); is it merely a song?!

17) [last line] B'IBURAH SHEL IR - [in a house] within the city limits


18) [line 12] D'KA'I BEISEI B'ALACHSONA - in relation to his Eruv, his house stands in a diagonal direction from where he is standing, e.g. his Eruv is placed 2000 Amos due west from where he is standing, whereas his house is located 3000 Amos to the southwest from where he is standing (and to the southeast of his Eruv)

19) [line 26] DIVREI NEVI'US - words that seem to have been said through prophecy since no reason was given; i.e. a tradition from his Rebbi and not something which he deduced from elsewhere

20) [line 28] TERAVAIHU TANANHI - we learned both of these laws in a Mishnah

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