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Eruvin 40

1) [line 6] LIFTA - turnip
2) [line 7] D'KEMISHA - that it was shriveled
3) [line 12] KA MAFSHEI U'MAISEI LEHU - they started to bring a lot of them on Yom Tov

4) [line 12] BENEI GENANA - constructors of a Chupah (wedding canopy)
5) [line 13] D'GAZU LEHU - that non-Jews cut for them
6) [line 22] D'CHALUKIN B'MUSAFIN - a separate Korban Musaf is offered for each
7) [line 23] ZIKARON ECHAD OLEH L'CHAN U'L'CHAN - one Zikaron (memory) counts for both (since "Zikaron" is mentioned in connection with both days)


8) [line 16] ZEMAN - the blessing of She'hechiyanu
9) [line 18] A'KARA CHADTA - on seeing the first gourd/pumpkin of the season
10) [line 18] RESHUS LO KA MIBA'I LI - I am not asking if it is *permissible* to make the blessing (on Yom Kippur)

11) [line 20] "TEN CHELEK L'SHIV'AH V'GAM LI'SHMONAH [KI LO SEDA MAH YIHEYEH RA'AH AL HA'ARETZ]" - "Give a portion to seven, and even to eight, [for you do not know what evil shall be upon the earth]." (Koheles 11:2) - This is an enigmatic verse which has many interpretations, two of which are quoted in our Gemara. (see MAHARSHA)

12) [line 25] UL'YOM OCHARA - or on any other day of the festival
13) [line 28] MI VADLAS - have you ceased (lit. separated yourself from) [doing Melachah]?

14) [line 29] V'LANCHEI - and put it aside (without drinking it)
15) [line 30] ASI L'MISRACH - he may make a habit of it (and do it when he is an adult)

16) [line 31] B'MA'ALEI YOMA D'REISH SHATA - on Erev Rosh ha'Shanah
17) [line 31] ZIL, CHAZI HEICHI AVID UVDA - go, see how he acts
18) [line 32] TA - come back
19) [line 32] DALYUHA LI'RETIVA - if a moist log is lifted
20) [line 32] RAFSA LEI B'DUCHTEI - [it is because someone] wants to tread on (or otherwise use) its spot

21) [line 34] BAR BEI RAV - a Yeshiva student
22) [line 35] MAHU L'ASHLUMEI? - must he complete the fast until nightfall (even though he prays Ma'ariv and accepts Shabbos before nightfall)?

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