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Eruvin 12

ERUVIN 11-15 sponsored by a generous grant from an anonymous donor. Kollel Iyun Hadaf is indebted to him for his encouragement and support and prays that Hashem will repay him in kind.

1) [line 1] OVLIN - name of a village
2) [line 22] AD ARBA'AH - until a minimum measurement of four Tefachim [it needs a Lechi; if it is smaller, it does not need anything]

3) [line 24] B'PASEI CHATZER - sections that remain at both ends of a break in the wall of a Chatzer

4) [line 34] MI'YAMEI - from overseas
*5*) [line 39] V'ANA LO YADANA - I do not know how to answer the contradictory statements in the name of Shmuel, [but I do know that Rav Yehudah, his student, relied on this lenient ruling when a situation arose as follows...]

6) [line 40] DURAH D'RA'AVASA - (a) a village of shepherds; (b) a place called Dura d'Ra'avasa

7) [line 40] LESHON YAM - an inlet of the sea
8) [line 43] MECHITZAH TELUYAH - a wall which has a gap in the lower part
9) [line 45] MIKAL MAKOM KASHA - whether or not Rav Yehudah's ruling has to do with Shmuel's statement, we must answer the contradiction between the two statement's of Shmuel.


*9b*) [line 1] GIDUDEI - the remnants of a wall that has been breached (which are ten Tefachim in height). Since there is a wall under the water, it is permitted to carry in the Chatzer. (Nevertheless, it is prohibited to fill water from the inlet of the sea that is in the Chatzer, since the bucket which he is filling may float over the remnants of the wall, and fill with water from *outside* of the Chatzer - RITZVA in Tosfos)

See Introduction to Maseches Eruvin III a, b

11) [line 30] KAMAH MECHAVNAN SHEMA'ASA D'SAVEI - how exact are the teachings of the elders!

12) [line 34] ISHTEMITETEI - it escaped his attention, he forgot

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