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Eruvin 5

***************GIRSA SECTION********************
We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach, Rav B. Rensburg and the parenthetical marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any *OTHER* changes that we feel ought to be made in Gemara, Rashi or Tosfos.)

[1] Gemara 5b [line 10]:
The word "Mavoy *Shiv'ah*"
should be "Mavoy *Sheva*"
(That is, Amos and not Tefachim - YA'AVETZ)

[2] Gemara 5b [line 16]:
The word "she'Pirtzaso *b'Arba*"
should be "she'Pirtzaso *b'Arba'ah*"
(RASHASH; as it appears in Rashi DH Tomar and in the Gemara on 6a)

[3] Rashi 5b DH 4 Amos:
The words "*d'Kivan* d'Nafak Lei"
should be "*Kivan* d'Nafak Lei"

1) [line 17] SHE'NIFRATZ MI'TZIDO - where part of one of the lengthwise walls collapsed, creating a gap

2) [line 19] PAS - a board
3) [line 28] NEKITINAN - we have a tradition


4) [line 4] I D'MUKI LEI BAHADEI - if he puts the new Lechi next to (at the end of) the projection

5a) [line 7] D'MATFEI BEI - he makes the new Lechi larger (higher or wider) than the projection
b) [line 8] D'MIVTZAR BEI - he makes the new Lechi (lower or thinner) than the projection

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