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Chulin 56

CHULIN 56 - The material produced for this Daf has been dedicated in loving memory of Moshe Simcha ben David Z"L Rubner (Yahrzeit: 23 Adar II) by his parents, David and Zahava Rubner of Petach Tikva, Israel.

1) [line 4] HIKSAH CHULDAH AL ROSHAH - a rat, weasel or marten bit the bird on its head

2) [line 6] KURKEVAN - the gizzard (the second stomach of a bird)
3) [line 6] DAKIN - the small intestines
4) [line 6] NECHMERU - they shrunk as a result of the bird coming close to fire before it was slaughtered

5) [line 7] YERUKIM - green or yellow (see Insights)
6) [line 8] DARSAH - a person stepped on the bird
7) [line 8] V'TARFAH B'KOSEL - or a person smashed the bird into a wall
8) [line 8] SHE'RITZETZASAH - [an animal] smashed it
9) [line 11] IM MEVATZBETZ V'OLEH - if the brain matter bubbles out of the hole made by the bite of the Chuldah

10) [line 13] KERAMA TATA'AH - the inner cranial membrane
11) [line 17] AGAV RUKCHEI MIFKA PAKA - would split because of its softness
12) [line 24] LO B'MASMER - but not with a nail (see Insights)
13) [line 26] MACHATA - a needle
14) [line 39] OF SHEL MAYIM - water-fowl


15) [line 1] GILA DECHITSA - a piece of wheat straw
16) [line 7] KENEGED BENEI ME'AYIM - at the point where they are attached (RASHBA)

17) [line 11] REBBI ELAZAR HA'KAPAR BERIBI - Rebbi Elazar ha'Kapar, one of the greatest sages of his generation ("Beribi" is a descriptive title such as "the Great," used to refer to a sage)

18) [line 22] V'SHALKAN - and he boiled them
19) [line 23] KUTRA - smoke
20) [line 26] IGLA'I BAHASAIHU - their shame has been revealed (that they have a Siman Tereifah)

21) [line 34] ZEFEK - crop (a bag-like swelling of the esophagus where food is stored and prepared for digestion)

22) [line 35] GAPEHA - its wings (the bones)
23) [line 37] NOTZAH - downy feathers
24) [line 40] TARPACHAS - womb (also referred to as "Eim" and "Shalfuchis" - see Chulin 55b)

25) [line 50] KONENIYOS - pedestals, stands (RASHI)
26) [last line] ME'IGRA - from a rooftop

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